Focus on Gaming: Telia Kicks Off the The Finnish Esports Series


The Finnish Telia Esports Series gets underway this Friday, April 26, with the internationally successful team Ence playing against team SJ Gaming in the live broadcast. Gamers and esports fans can take part in the TV broadcasts on a new website.

“We created an independent site,, because we wanted everything related to the series to be easily accessible on a single site. And we had our eyes on the future. Our goal is to introduce the Telia Esports Series in all Nordic and Baltic Telia countries. This will make an international site that will feature the content of the series of all countries,” says Niklas Segercrantz of Telia Finland’s Esports team.

The site currently allows you to follow the progress and highlights of the Finnish series, view the series leader board and learn about the teams and players. Users can also enjoy in-game surprises and get a chance to win great prizes.

Viewers can also participate in the TV program by sending chat questions and comments to the studio, with experts choosing the most interesting ones for the live show.

Introducing esports to everyone

Telia Esports Series promotes professional gaming but also provides
entertainment for those unfamiliar with esports. With the general public being introduced to esports, the game rules must also be clear.

“We want it to be easy for everyone to join the gaming scene and have fun. Both Telia and all teams playing in our series are committed to respecting the players, and we have zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. We want to offer everyone an equal opportunity to play, and this is why we are creating a continuous esports series in Finland where the players can regularly play and develop,” Segercrantz says.

Telia Esports Series is produced by Assembly, the majority interest in which Telia acquired last summer. The series has also attracted a host of sponsors; Samsung, Rockstar, L33T, Lenovo and OnePlus.
This spring, the prize money in the series totals €50,000.

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