Extreme extends roster of E-Rate eligible solutions

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Extreme Networks, Inc., an enabler in cloud networking, has extended its roster of E-Rate eligible solutions to include Wi-Fi 6E access points (APs) and ExtremeCloud™ SD-WAN, among others.

E-Rate is a U.S. program that provides discounts on networking solutions to eligible schools and libraries.

Today’s K-12 schools and libraries must support more digital resources and onsite IoT devices than ever before, while maintaining IT headcount and budgets for network upgrades. Many schools are transforming into smart campuses and offering students more immersive curriculums, including incorporating AR/VR and video-based lessons broadcast in high-definition.

Extreme’s E-Rate eligible solutions enable these schools and libraries to modernize their infrastructure and improve the availability and performance of key applications. As a result, they’re able to better support technology and distributed users, simplify network management and speed IT-related deployments.

Key Benefits

Simplified Support and Application Optimization for Distributed Learning: As more schools offer permanent hybrid learning options, they must fully support experiences for students, teachers and staff no matter where they are located throughout the district. ExtremeCloud SD-WAN is an E-Rate eligible solution that delivers exceptional application performance and enables secure user access, even for high-bandwidth applications like live classroom broadcasts.

When combined with ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot, which offers AIOps support and the networking industry’s first digital twin capabilities, IT teams can further simplify network management and significantly reduce the time necessary to configure and deploy new hardware.

High-Capacity Connectivity for Immersive Experiences: With Wi-Fi 6E, which delivers the fastest Wi-Fi speeds available today, schools and libraries can ensure bandwidth issues are never a problem as more IoT devices are brought on campus. Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6E solutions, including the AP4000, AP5010 and AP5050, are specifically designed for indoor and outdoor high-density environments and enable schools and libraries to deliver high-capacity connectivity for immersive experiences everywhere, including modern education applications, 8K video and AR/VR.

On-Demand Expert Support: Extreme offers expert support in navigating the E-Rate process via its E-Rate Resource Center, which is being continuously updated for the 2023 program and includes an eligibility guide, webinars, ebooks and more. For IT teams looking for expert support beyond the E-Rate process, Extreme also offers Professional Services to help ensure successful deployments and better outcomes.

David Savage, Vice President of State and Local Education and Government Sales, Extreme Networks, said, “E-Rate helps schools and public libraries subsidize and modernize their infrastructure to effectively provide best-in-class connectivity and deliver technology-based curriculums. We’re partnering with our customers to help guide them through the E-Rate application process, which in turn helps us bridge the digital divide that exists in so many places throughout the country. Extreme helps to create equal access and opportunity by providing the technology backbone that becomes a critical foundation for equitable, next-generation learning.”