EXFO Taps ServiceNow to Transform Telecoms with Network Visibility


EXFO’s network discovery and modelling capabilities coupled with ServiceNow’s service-aware CMDB and digital workflows create end-to-end network visibility for communications service providers, further powering their digital transformations.

EXFO Inc., the communications industry’s test, monitoring and analytics experts, has joined the ServiceNow Partner Program to jointly address the digital transformation needs of communications service providers (CSPs).

By bringing its industry-unique topology modelling solution, Nova Context, to the ServiceNow marketplace, CSPs can align and integrate disparate data systems, optimize data accuracy, and establish relationships between network, service, and subscribers to power automation and deliver a seamless, proactive customer experience.

By providing a ‘single source of truth’ with dynamic topology and federated inventory, EXFO and ServiceNow will empower CSPs with uniform, seamless visibility and data integrity across multi-domain, multi-technology, multi-vendor networks and systems. Nova Context can be rapidly deployed and easily configured allowing operators to unify and automate data systems in a matter of weeks1, overcoming the typical years-long process.

ServiceNow customers and partners can now integrate NOVA Context into their ServiceNow solutions to help solve vexing operational challenges that would otherwise be slow and inefficient without an integrated, aligned data model. Nova Context has increased data accuracy to over 98% at tier-one CSPs and has helped increase automation efficiency from 50-60% success rates to over 90% in nationwide U.S. deployments.2

“To survive and thrive in today’s environment, CSPs must deliver a robust, proactive customer experience while automating service assurance. Visibility across the network is critical to make this a reality,” said Rohit Batra, head of telecommunications, media & technology product at ServiceNow. “By combining the deep industry expertise of EXFO with our service-aware CMDB, digital workflows, and advanced automation capabilities, we are providing the visibility that these organizations need in order to digitally transform and meet the needs of the modern customer.”

“By working with ServiceNow, we are empowering CSPs to realize their goal of digital transformation. Enabling them to simplify the migration and management of siloed legacy, current, and future data estates into the ServiceNow Now Platform, and, importantly, ensuring that the data is accurate and reconciled,” said Claudio Mazzuca. Vice President, Strategic Partners and Alliances at EXFO. “The combination of EXFO’s Nova Context network modelling solution and ServiceNow’s platform provides unique capabilities to address the complex business process and data requirements of digital transformation at speed and scale.”