Etiya Partners with AWS to Provide “Telco as a Service”

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Etiya, a software enabler is collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to roll out “Telco as a Service” (TaaS) solution.

Etiya’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven full business support system (BSS) & operational support systems (OSS) stack including CRM, Omni Channel Digital Front End, Customer Service Management, Product Catalog, CPQ, Billing and Charging Management & Core Network Management is available on AWS and ready to serve as “Telco as a Service”.

“Telco as a Service” will allow operators to transform BSS into full digital BSS and also enables operators to set up greenfield digital brands that are radically different from their existing brands, in a very short time manner.

However, they require an entirely separate BSS suite and some of the functions categorized as OSS that are flexible enough to enable the new sub-brand to be innovative and different.

Etiya’s “Telco as a Service” customer solutions will have an even better functionality when running on AWS than if used as on-premises solutions, and will be applied in no less than three areas of collaboration, including:

· A complete architecture validation for Customer Solutions on AWS

· A viable TaaS product demo with full functionality on AWS

· A positioning of Cloud Native Telco as a Service Stack for AWS Telco Workloads

“Having played an integral role in helping operators to transform their traditional BSS, Etiya is in a great position to work in collaboration with AWS in finding new opportunities for ‘Telco as a Service’ solutions,” said Aslan Dogan, CEO of Etiya.

Etiya is a software company providing customer experience focused AI driven Digital Transformation with its own award-winning product portfolio. Founded in 2004, Etiya has more than 1000 highly qualified employees and offices in 3 continents and 7 countries.

Its microservice-based architecture, DevOps methodology and AI-driven portfolio provides competitive advantage to its customers by bringing agility and flexibility into their business.

Etiya provides turn-key, end-to-end digital transformation to many customers worldwide from different sectors including telecom, finance and retail.

With the “Connected Customer First” approach which prioritizes the digital customer experience and the agile methodology it applies becoming digital-ready is possible in a matter of months via fast delivery of products and solutions.

Etiya exists to move agilely beyond existing standards in its relationships with the customers, in innovation, and in its ambition to expand and grow.