Ericsson Opens Skill Center for computer, mobile equipment repair in Ghazipur


Telecom gear manufacturer, Ericsson has set up an ‘Ericsson Skill Center’ in Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh.

Set up in partnership with the Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI), the Skill Center aims to skill young men and women residing in and around Ghazipur in two trades – mobile hardware repair and technical training on computers and peripherals, thereby ensuring better livelihood opportunities for them and encouraging micro-entrepreneurship.

The Ericsson Skill Center was inaugurated on site by Manoj Sinha, Minister of State for Communications (I/C) and Minister of State for Railways, Govt. of India.

Ericsson has also launched ‘Ghazipur Mobile Vaani’, a district-level citizen communication and engagement platform. This platform enables citizens to give a missed call on 9266300111 to then receive a call back for information on various initiatives taken by the Government. It can also help capture and share feedback from the citizens and become an effective platform for people to share experiences within the community.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister said, “I would like to congratulate Ericsson for launching its community building initiatives in Ghazipur today, namely the Skill Center and the Ghazipur Mobile Vaani. While the Skill Center will impart skill sets to youth that will make them employable or self- employed, the Ghazipur Mobile Vaani will make people aware about Govt’s welfare schemes and also help us understand their grievances and feedback.”

Nunzio Mirtillo, Head of Ericsson South East Asia, Oceania and India added, “At Ericsson, we believe in Technology for Good, wherein we use communications technology to make a difference in the lives of communities around the world. As part of the same commitment, we have set up the ‘Ericsson Skill Center’ in Ghazipur which will not only provide mobile repair and computer skills to the youth in Ghazipur, but also provide placement assistance and support micro-entrepreneurship.”

More About Ericsson Skill Center

Set up in partnership with ESSCI, the Ericsson Skill Center has been designed for end-to-end engagement with Ghazipur youth focused on training and skill-building as well as providing placement assistance, guidance and support for micro-entrepreneurship.

The center is equipped with state of the art training infrastructure for mobile phone repair and computer installation and maintenance. After completion of the three-month training, candidates will be assessed and certified by ESSCI. Successful candidates will be supported for placement as well as entrepreneurship.

More About Ghazipur Mobile Vaani

Ghazipur Mobile Vaani is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) based platform designed to create awareness on government initiatives and engage with citizens through development focused content as well as hyperlocal news. Citizens can also register their grievances and share feedback through this medium. The service is as simple as giving a missed call on 9266300111 and the user will get a call back that will answer the user’s queries on agriculture, local news , weather , welfare schemes etc.

Public representatives can use Ghazipur Mobile Vaani for various citizen outreach and governance initiatives that can help target and address community and even individual level grievances relating to public services.