Ericsson debuts analytics suite to predict & improve user satisfaction for operators


Ericsson has launched its Expert Analytics 15.0, a software suite allowing operators to predict customer satisfaction and automatically take closed-loop actions to improve it.

Expert Analytics 15.0 features Ericsson’s patent-pending service level index (SLI), a customer satisfaction score that continuously captures and measures the experience for each individual user.

Validated by user trials, the SLI is valuable as an indicator of loyalty, as a measure of willingness to spend, and as a predictor of net promoter score (NPS).

The solution is already being trialed by several operators globally.

Justin Vander Lande, Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason says: “By embedding superior network knowledge in their analytics approach, operators can support sophisticated use cases, including real time optimization for complex services like VoLTE or video, that matter to enterprise and other high-value customers. Likewise, operators can monetize location data by offering targeted advertising and other new services to partners.”

Elisabetta Romano, Vice President and Head of OSS and Service Enablement, Ericsson says: “By pre-integrating analytics with our broad OSS and BSS portfolio, we are enabling operators to automate a wide variety of use cases, driven by analytics insights.”

Ericsson’s deep domain expertise – based on years of research, annual user studies and customer projects – is embedded in Expert Analytics 15.0, providing superior data models, and business rules, leading ultimately to improved results. Ericsson helps customers meet changing demands through a comprehensive, unified OSS and BSS product suite that combines business, IT and network capabilities.

A team of more than 64,000 service professionals supports these offerings with services such as consulting and systems integration, managed services, product related services and broadcast services.

Ericsson’s market leadership is underscored by the company’s breakthrough work with customers to improve the subscriber experience, capture new revenues and boost business efficiencies.

Ericsson at Mobile World Congress 2015

During Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain, Ericsson is showing world-leading technology, service capabilities, and innovations. The Networked Society is transforming entire industries. ICT tools have become fundamental everyday resources for businesses, people and society.

We lead the way with hardware, services and software solutions that drive development in mobility, broadband and cloud, creating the foundation for new eco-systems, and transformation across industries. The change that transformation brings is in the hands of everyone. That is why we at Mobile World Congress this year will talk about how we enable change-makers in the Networked Society to advance digital experiences.

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