Enjoying the benefits of online gaming


Gaming has experienced some major changes throughout the years. From a simple “brown box”, to Atari, to PC gaming, to console gaming and, eventually, through to online gaming. This latter development has been a revolution in an industry in which games had been previously offline. Now, people from across the world, can get together online and participate in games with players from other parts of the globe.

This post looks at some of the advantages and benefits of online gaming, plus some of the best games that you can still play offline if online gaming isn’t quite your preference.

The advantages of online gaming

Online gaming has all sorts of advantages and benefits to it. Some of them you might not realize until you stop to think about them, but here are some of the advantages you enjoy when you start online gaming:


Games offer immense relaxation. They’re a real escape from reality when you’ve had a hard day in the office, have been hitting the books with a vengeance for university or the day’s events or activities have been challenging in some other way. Online gaming is a major stress reliever.

Helps you develop leadership skills

Now, leadership entails the use of a whole lot of skills: communication, strategy, negotiation and more.

But it seems online gaming can help leaders actual or aspiring to develop their leadership skills. Some games reward people for displaying leadership traits, such as providing for communities or securing safety for other players, and researchers have found correlations between these types of games and players’ true-life career aspirations.

The games also encourage people to think on their feet, which is definitely something anyone who hopes to lead a team or a company will need to do at some point in their career.

Improves concentration

Online gaming may relieve stress and relax people, but it also has the beneficial effect of sharpening focus. This doesn’t mean sharpening focus just on the game. When the game goes off and players are back to their day jobs or to their studies, they may find they can concentrate much better.

Real time action

The thrill of competing against a live dealer at an online casino is hard to rival, when you play blackjack online, the game is hosted by a human dealer. This is all to replicate as closely as possible the experience of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino.


Online gaming encourages people to communicate with each other. They can interact and, on some types of games, work together as a team. Games like FIFA encourage team members to work together, ensuring players get to know new people, even if they’ve never met in person before. As well as allowing people to have fun, online gaming will help to become better team players, not just in the game but also in life.

Best offline games

Online games may be all the rage, but you can have as just as good a time playing an offline video game. Here are some of the most popular ones out there to get your teeth into if, for some reason, the internet cuts out or you just don’t feel like playing online:


Out on the PC, “Wildermyth” pays fine home to “Dungeons and Dragons” and has been worth the wait for all those who eagerly awaited this RPG’s full release in 2021. If you’re fan of the pen and paper RPGs, this game does a good job of recreating that, and gifts the players with a flexible game in which the writing helps bring the characters to life rather than fob you off with what feel like chosen personality traits.

“Wildermyth” does a first-rate job of achieving a balance between familiarity and innovation. As the game progresses, you’ll discover more and more hidden depth to it, so don’t let the basic battles fool you.


Despite the somewhat ominous sounding title, “Deathloop” is a highly enjoyable game, available on the PC and the PS5 and you can play it online or offline.

As the central character, Colt, you have a heavy day ahead of you: your mission is to kill eight targets, all by the end of the day. Don’t panic, however. The makers have weaved a timeloop into the game, which means you relive the day over and over again, enabling you to learn from any mistakes and pursue the mission more successfully next time.

The gameplay is solid and the main concept is well executed, making for a fabulous game whether you’ve opted for online or offline.

Gaming has come a long way, transitioning from offline to online and entertaining a whole legion of games players. But for fans of the more traditional style of gaming, there are still good titles out there. Overall, it’s never been a more exciting time for gaming.