EMQ Strengthens Ties with AWS


EMQ, the world’s provider of open-source IoT data infrastructure, recently strengthened its ties with Amazon Web Services (AWS) by introducing its EMQX Cloud service to the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that organizations can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software that runs on AWS. Now it’s easier than ever for AWS subscribers to get started with EMQX Cloud by simply acquiring it in AWS Marketplace.

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The launch also improves accessibility and convenience for AWS users that already use the EMQX Cloud service with pay-as-you-go billing. Their usage can now be automatically reflected in their monthly AWS bill.

In addition, EMQX Cloud can be easily combined with other AWS infrastructure and cloud services like Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Redshift. EMQX Cloud also supports the establishment of a secure, stable private connection to AWS services via AWS PrivateLink. This feature enables bi-directional connectivity between public cloud services and EMQX Cloud deployments via intranet IP addresses.

In line with its goal to power digital transformation through world-class open source IoT data infrastructure, EMQ has focused on increasing the performance and scalability of its distributed MQTT messaging server – EMQX – as a way to accelerate the connectivity and integration of a wide spectrum of IoT applications. EMQX has become the world’s most scalable and reliable MQTT broker, adopted by over 20,000 global users across 50+ countries and connecting 100M+ IoT devices worldwide. It is also the first to introduce an implementation of MQTT over QUIC and the first distributed MQTT broker to support 100M concurrent IoT device connections per cluster.

EMQX Cloud, built on EMQX, is the world’s first fully managed, cloud-native MQTT 5.0 messaging service for IoT. To help organizations fully enjoy the advantages of resource pooling in the cloud era, EMQX Cloud brings one-stop O&M colocation and reliable, real-time IoT data movement, processing, and integration so users can efficiently develop IoT applications on the public cloud without the infrastructure O&M burden.

EMQX Cloud can also scale elastically on demand to handle unpredictable throughput changes and integrate with over 40+ cloud services out of the box.

As the most widely used cloud platform in the world, AWS is the first and key public cloud platform supported by EMQX Cloud. With AWS’s stable global infrastructure network and EMQX Cloud’s massive connectivity and high concurrency product features, organizations can now deploy MQTT services in multiple regions supported by AWS to quickly start IoT business.

Apart from EMQX Cloud, EMQ offers its enterprise MQTT platform – EMQX Enterprise for its on-premises customers. EMQX Enterprise is suitable for various IoT application scenarios, helping organizations to quickly build business-critical IoT applications without barriers to performance and development. It supports any deployment on public or private cloud, physical machine, or container/K8S.