EMQ launches cloud-based MQTT testing service


EMQ, a provider of open-source IoT data infrastructure, recently announced the launch of its fully managed, cloud-based MQTT testing service, XMeter Cloud, designed to accelerate enterprise IoT initiatives with simple, cost-effective, automated MQTT load and scenario testing.

IoT has permeated almost all domains and provides a foundation for technology integration that is a key enabler of enterprise digital transformation. With the increase in IoT deployments, the need for IoT testing is increasing as well, challenging delivery teams to ensure the stable and secure operation of IoT devices.

Especially in use cases involving mission-critical applications, comprehensive performance testing and verification are a must, and enterprise-scale load testing is becoming crucial for companies to manage complex IT architectures and massive volumes of IoT data.

XMeter Cloud is a fully managed MQTT load testing cloud service for IoT. Since its first release in 2016, XMeter has provided large-scale performance testing for mission-critical IoT applications. Currently, XMeter Enterprise Edition has been widely used across the Internet of Vehicles, Industrial IoT, Carriers, Finance and other industries, improving the quality and reliability of enterprise-level IoT systems by providing performance verification of different use cases.

“Nowadays, testing is crucial for IoT applications, and we strongly believe the benefits of XMeter Cloud will play a key role in creating a modern IoT testing framework. We’re able to get your IoT initiatives to market faster and more securely through providing proper validation and verification across all types of IoT devices and functions,” said Feng Lee, CEO and Founder of EMQ.

4 Key Features of XMeter Cloud:

Fully managed service
XMeter Cloud provides highly automated management of test resources, including pre-built MQTT test scenarios. It only requires three steps to configure MQTT testing information and submit a test scenario. With flexible and convenient testing options, there is no need for complex manual configuration or scripting. Launch MQTT load testing with one click, without the burden of maintaining infrastructure.

Compatible with JMeter
Based on the open-source Apache JMeter project, XMeter Cloud is fully compatible with JMeter test scripts. Thanks to JMeter’s high scalability, XMeter Cloud enables millions of concurrent IoT device connections and high message throughput performance testing. And it improves on JMeter’s scaling bottleneck and helps users create more flexible and complex test scenarios according to their needs.

100% support for MQTT
Designed specifically for IoT applications, XMeter Cloud supports full testing of MQTT 5 and other major IoT protocols, including LwM2M, and CoAP.

Pay-as-you-go pricing
XMeter Cloud is available in two editions, Standard and Professional with a pay-as-you-go model that makes costs clear and manageable. The Standard Edition starts at $4.90 per minute, up to 1000 TPS and 1000 connections, which is suitable for small-scale public network MQTT testing. It also has built-in MQTT testing scenarios to help users get started with testing quickly. The Professional Edition provides enterprise-level performance testing support with unlimited connections and throughput for large-scale IoT testing scenarios. It also provides multiple protocol support, custom test scripts, and private network testing to meet the various needs of IoT applications with higher performance requirements. Users can choose the model that best fits their testing situation.

Test scenario reporting
XMeter Cloud provides a rich set of graphical reports for each MQTT test scenario, detailed test log analysis, and system resource monitoring reports, which can be used to troubleshoot performance issues. Users can also share test reports with their teammates, and in the future, shared test reports will be available through a public web page for convenient sharing with external users.