Eltrona Brings 1Gbps Broadband to Luxembourg with ARRIS DOCSIS® 3.1 Technology


ARRIS International plc and Luxembourg’s cable incumbent, Eltrona, have joined forces to launch the first ultra-high-speed 1GBps broadband service in Luxembourg.

The Eltrona network uses ARRIS R-PHY Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) technology to full advantage of DOCSIS® 3.1. By virtualizing and decentralizing its network’s headend functions, Eltrona can achieve greater network capacity and higher network speeds.

Eltrona selected the ARRIS E6000® CCAP, E6000® Core, R-PHY shelf, and TG3442 Wireless Telephony Gateways to complete the DOCSIS 3.1 network between its CMTS (cable modem termination system) and subscribers’ premises. Eltrona’s 1Gbps residential service is now the fastest in Luxembourg. The upgraded delivery network also enables Eltrona to backhaul mobile data in preparation for 5G rollouts across the region.

The deployment marks the latest milestone for ARRIS in a series of important DAA and DOCSIS 3.1 rollouts around the world. Continued large-scale deployments of its popular E6000 platform and DAA capabilities highlight ARRIS’s global expertise and unmatched range of capabilities, from headend, network and residential technology to professional services and support.

“Our work with ARRIS completely transformed our network. Eltrona is proud to be the first operator in Luxembourg to offer gigabit residential broadband service,” said Paul Denzle, CEO, Eltrona. “We implemented ARRIS solutions across our entire network to take full advantage of our existing investments while building the capacity and flexibility to deliver a new crop of data-intensive services, including 5G. Our new network is not only more efficient, it’s also faster and ready for the future.”

“Eltrona and ARRIS have enjoyed a long-standing partnership providing the best cable broadband services to Luxembourg,” said Dan Whalen, President, Network & Cloud, ARRIS. “Our latest deployment enables Eltrona to realize the benefits of DOCSIS 3.1 and DAA while building on its leadership position with new gigabit services. Together, we’ve ensured that Eltrona continues to stay at the forefront of Luxembourg’s broadband market.”

ARRIS DOCSIS 3.1 Technology and Services

ARRIS Network technology and Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) underpin every component of this important deployment. In addition to increasing network capacity, the configuration enables Eltrona to immediately leverage new network efficiencies, lower operational costs and deliver gigabit services.

ARRIS technology powering the network includes:

E6000® Gen 2 Platform – the world’s most widely deployed CCAP platform, delivering market leading density and throughput without consuming additional rack space.

E6000N REMOTE PHY – ARRIS provides both the CCAP Core and Remote PHY Device (RPD) defined in the CableLabs® Modular Headend Architecture (MHAv2). In this approach, the PHY layer is moved from the CCAP into a node or remote shelf, but the MAC processing, provisioning, and monitoring functions remain in the headend.

Touchstone® TG3442 Cable Voice Gateway – this ARRIS DOCSIS® 3.1 Gateway allows multi-gigabit data rates to be delivered to cable service provider’s home and small business customers. The TG3442 with its 4×4 802.11ac Dual Band radios, offers superior Wi-Fi performance enabling reliable Ultra HD video over Wi-Fi.