DZS Unveils “RDOF Amplify!” to Maximize Fund Recipient Success Across Rural America

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DZS, a broadband access innovator and global market enabler spanning fixed and mobile optical transport and connected premises solutions for service providers and enterprises, has launched RDOF Amplify!, a program designed to sponsor and assist RDOF recipients who want to achieve the maximum financial and strategic value of their awards.

With an extensive portfolio of broadband access and connected home and business solutions complemented by U.S.-based manufacturing, DZS is a valued vendor partner for RDOF recipients who are looking to exploit award funds as a transformational opportunity for their businesses, their communities and their country.

Network Infrastructure

DZS has an extensive fixed, mobile and enterprise portfolio, strong fiber edge access and transport expertise and the necessary professional and customer support services to encourage and maximize success.

“Over the last few years, many access vendors have changed their sales models to emphasize a software licensing component that is layered on top of their traditional hardware costs, not unlike what the airlines did when they added baggage fees to develop additional revenue streams from passengers,” said Teresa Mastrangelo, Principal Analyst and Founder of BroadbandTrends. “Although these costs may seem relatively innocuous in the first year, they add up when accounting for the serviceable life of these products, in some cases doubling the effective cost over time. Given the 10-year duration of RDOF, awardees are encouraged to assess the total cost versus first cost, comparing solution cost with and without annual license fees.”

DZS is accelerating its momentum in the fixed and mobile broadband access markets with its evolving fiber optics portfolio, and with the experience derived from partnering with more than 1,000 customers spanning 100 countries and with 20 million products deployed.

“Through an innovative portfolio of next generation fiber-based access technologies and a new state-of-the-art product development and QA lab at our headquarters in Plano, Texas, DZS is uniquely positioned and best prepared to partner and support our RDOF recipients for years to come,” said Jay Hilbert, DZS executive vice president of Americas Sales. “With our U.S.-based manufacturing facility near Tampa, Florida, RDOF recipients will be buying products made in the USA and a broadband access portfolio that includes 10Gig, 5G MVNO transport and market-leading enterprise optical LAN (FiberLAN™) capabilities to support indoor coverage for hospitals, campuses, hotels, arenas, and other commercial environments.”

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