Does Samsung S20 Need a Case?

Samsung S20 Case

Have you just gotten your shiny new smartphone and wonder if you need a Samsung s20 case? While that model itself may look like a relatively stable device, you should be wary of how quick it could break.

Do all smartphones need a case?

That’s a tricky question, and you could either say yes or no to it. Many people don’t use any cases at all. However, if colleagues and friends have the same model as you have, you can easily switch phones without ever noticing it until you get a call from your friend’s partner. People rarely ever buy the same cases. Your case makes it easier to see which phone is yours if they’re all put onto the same table. 

If you’re only an average smartphone user, who doesn’t throw his mobile in frustration or tends to drop stuff, you may not necessarily need a case. But as you can do more and more things with your phone, you’re using it in any free moment of your life. The more you use it, the higher the chances are for you to drop it accidentally. Even if you’ve never dipped your smartphone before, you never know when you do drop it. Repair costs are usually relatively high, and you end up having to buy a new one. 

If you plan on selling your phone one day, it’s best to keep it safe in a suitable case. Any minor scratch on your phone will reduce the price tag you could put onto your used mobile. However, albeit you may get your smartphone to a favorable price with your contract, don’t forget how much it’s worth. Each new smartphone model costs several hundreds of dollars, if not a grand or more. You’d certainly take good care of any other product that costs you a luxurious, don’t you? If it’s a new sofa, you protect it with extra covers to avoid any stains, at least during the first years. Give your smartphone the same attention.

It’s not only about the phone itself.

You certainly are aware of how quickly your display can break, aren’t you? If it’s not your friend who dropped his smartphone and ended up with a wholly smashed collection, it has certainly happened to you once. It can happen so fast! You just replied to a friend on social media or put the phone aside after a business call, and suddenly it’s on the floor. This short unattentive moment can turn out to be a costly one. You may be lucky if it landed on a piece of carpet, but you won’t be as lucky on stone flooring or the pavement outside. Though modern smartphones come with a more resilient screen, you’re never safe from any damages. Hence, it’s always a good idea to apply for additional display protection.

But with lenses of smartphone cameras getting larger, like’s the case with the new Samsung S20, it’s essential to protect the lens from any scratches. You won’t enjoy the gorgeous photos it can take if scratches mess them up on the lens. Hence, it’s best to protect the display and the lens of the S20 series. 

It’s all made of glass.

With the S20 series, you’re getting this amazing sleek look with your smartphone you can only adore. That’s due to the fact that it’s completely made of glass. The display is made of glass, the edges are made of glass and even the back is made of glass. While Samsung may claim it’s entirely endurable, glass is one of the world’s most fragile materials. It doesn’t only scratch easily, but it also breaks easily. Your favorite wine bottle may not scratch as easily as the glass of a smartphone, but once you drop it, it’s game over. 

Hence, the S20 series needs special protection and not just its glass display. If you accidentally dropped it, it’s not only the display that may break but your entire phone. That’s undoubtedly going to be a costly mistake. You certainly can get insurance for it, which is necessary for such high-end models anyway. But the insurance may not cover every incident. Until your insurance may take care of the damage, it can take a while to have it approved. Thus, it’s best to be more attentive from the beginning and protect your phone accordingly.

Reasons for high-quality Samsung S20 case:

  • Avoid damages due to accidents

  • Prevent scratches

  • Live free from high repair costs

  • Preserve its value to sell the mobile later

  • Easier to distinguish from other phones

You could undoubtedly buy any case to protect your new Samsung S20 like the apple of your eye. Special cases keep your mobile waterproof if you ever accidentally dropped it into your bathtub or a swimming pool. If you tend to be very clumsy, an outdoor case might be more suitable for you as those cases absorb any impact if you drop your phone. But you could also opt for a case you can attach to your belt. That’s especially handy if you’re doing a lot of DIY or other repair work. You want to be available and may need to grab your phone in an instant. With a case you can attach to your belt, it will never accidentally slip out of your pocket. 

Do you tend to keep your mobile in your large handbag and have to search for ages for it once it rings? That won’t happen with such a case either. You simply have your mobile always directly at hand once you need it. Moreover, it also keeps your phone safe from pickpockets. Remember, someone can easily pull your smartphone out of your pocket as they bump into you. This can’t happen with a sturdy case attached directly to your waist. Moreover, once your phone is on your belt, you rarely get into the situation of having to distinguish your phone from those of your friends. And don’t forget to get a display and lens protection to enjoy your S20 even longer!