DigiWallet Picks Telepin to Launch Mobile Financial Services in Belize


Telepin Software, an enabler in mobile financial services software, is driving the launch of DigiWallet, a new, easy-to-use, secure and reliable mobile payment solution nationwide, in Belize.

With Telepin’s mobile money platform, DigiWallet provides access to mobile financial services across the country, enabling end-users, merchants and agents to benefit from contactless cash transactions, which will expand economic growth.

As part of the solution, Telepin also provides a mobile app available on iPhone, Android and built-in secure USSD, which allows mobile users to make instant payments, make online purchases and send or receive money instantly on any device from anywhere in Belize.

“DigiWallet will revolutionize the payment experience in Belize by driving innovation, financial inclusion and greater financial options for Belizeans,” said Ivan Tesucum, Executive Director of Digi. “After careful consideration, we selected Telepin because of its scalable, feature-rich, cloud-native mobile financial services software. The Telepin team led the solution implementation and system integration and deployed our cloud-hosted solution in just a few months”, concluded Ivan.

“We are honored to have been selected by National Telecom of Belize as their mobile financial services technology partner in Belize,” said Eric Feeley, Chief Technology Officer at Telepin. “By choosing Telepin, DigiWallet will enable the digitization of mobile banking by enabling contactless interactions between consumers, agents and merchants,” added Eric.

Telepin’s unique software helps mobile operators deliver robust financial services offerings to subscribers and commercial customers. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, allowing mobile operators to add services like central banking, lending, credit, insurance, virtual credit cards and more to quickly scale. The software seamlessly integrates with existing mobile and financial services infrastructure, leveraging investments already made in value-added billing systems, replenishment systems and service delivery platforms.

Telepin Software is a global enabler in mobile financial services software, providing mobile operators with the most efficient and cost-effective way to control their distribution networks, maximize mobile financial services revenues and drive innovative mobile financial applications. Telepin’s customer base includes premier operators in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

DigiWallet Limited is a subsidiary of Digi and is a limited liability company incorporated under Chapter 250 of the Laws of Belize. DigiWallet Ltd. is poised to provide universal access to financial services for all Belizeans, providing the most complete and superior mobile wallet solution in Belize, which will provide all Belizeans with easy, safe and secure access to the widest range of financial services through more reliable network.