Digicel Launches Turkcell’s Digital Services in 32 Countries

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Digicel has launched the life and communication platform BiP, TV platform PlayGO (TV+), the personal cloud storage platform Billo (lifebox) and Fast Login in 32 countries, in partnership with Lifecell Ventures, subsidiary of the digital operator Turkcell.

Increasing its user base globally, BiP has reached 1 million downloads since its launch in the Caribbean.

Turkcell’s digital services BiP, Playgo and Billo now has the opportunity to reach over 13 million Digicel customers. BiP platform launched with the same name in the Caribbean, offers fast and secure messaging, high quality voice and video calls, secret message, ‘Discover’, real-time translation and BiP Web to users.

‘Discover’ section of the platform includes service channels created by Digicel. Digicel launched Turkcell’s cloud storage app lifebox under Billo brand name and TV platform TV+ as PlayGO. Billo offers a personal cloud storage for backing up photos, videos, documents and telephone contacts safely in the cloud.

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Billo also utilizes customers lives by using smart Technologies such as “Face and Image Recognition” for automatically grouping photos, “PhotoPick” for scoring photos using AI technology to get more Instagram likes, “PhotoEdit” and “automatically created collages” for enriching the memories. PlayGo is a video streaming application with which a subscriber can watch block buster movies, the most popular TV shows and premium live tv channels from anywhere with his/her mobile device. A PlayGo subscriber can browse through the content in his/her preferred language with the multi-language support.

PlayGo has many other exciting features. One of them is time shifting. Subscriber can pause & play and rewind up to 24 hours of live streaming of linear TV channels. PlayGo has a social media related feature which is called social TV that enables subscribers to share their favorite content with their friends.

PlayGo subscribers can create different profiles for their family members, therefore they can have a unique streaming experience for themselves. As of now PlayGo has more than 70 live TV channels, 3200 video-on-demand titles which are currently available to its subscribers. PlayGO users will log in through Turkcell’s fast and reliable customer authentication service Fast Login to the platform.

Aileen Corrigan, Digicel Group Chief Digital Officer, comments; “As a Digital Operator, we deliver digital experiences 1440 minutes of each day to our customers. That means being always there, always on and always having something to offer customers which in turn makes for a far deeper, more impactful and more resonant relationship with them. Our partnership with Turkcell and the suite of digital services it has delivered to us is a cornerstone of our new frontier.”

‘We are the flag-bearer of digital export’

Atac Tansug, Vice President of Digital Services and Solutions at Turkcell, said, “As Turkcell, we are the flag-bearer of digital export through our digital services offered to other telecom operators in the world. We proudly announce that the success story of our digital services spreads across 32 countries in the Caribbean, Central America and Pacific, thanks to our partnership with Digicel. Turkcell’s subsidiary Lifecell Ventures now serves 320 million potential customers in 39 countries. We will continue to expand the reach of our local digital services including BiP, TV+, lifebox, fizy, Dergilik, YaaniMail and Paycell all around the world and spearhead the digital export in Turkey.”

Tansug emphasized that Turkcell is the driving force behind digital export and its significance in the company’s agenda this year and said, “We experienced the vital importance of communication going through the COVID-19 period. Digital services were the prominent tool of communication all around the world. At this point, we stand by partner operators globally while we continue to provide our customers with uninterrupted high-speed communication services in Turkey.”

Following the digital export move Turkcell started in 2018, Digicel has added BiP, Lifebox and TV+ to its digital services portfolio with an agreement signed in January 2019. Digicel operates in 32 markets throughout the Caribbean, Central America and Pacific.

As a Digital Operator, Digicel is in the business of delivering powerful digital experiences 1440 minutes of each day to customers – that’s every minute, all day, every day.

Through its world-class LTE and fibre networks, together with its suite of 8 apps spanning sports (SportsMax), music (D’Music), news (Loop), local radio and podcasts (GoLoud), TV streaming (PlayGo), enhanced messaging and marketplaces (BiP), cloud storage (Billo) and self-care (MyDigicel app), Digicel is the only operator in its markets that can deliver that.

Serving consumer and business customers in 32 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Pacific, its investments of over US$7 billion and a commitment to its communities through its Digicel Foundations in Haiti, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad & Tobago have contributed to positive outcomes for over 3 million people to date.