Dark Fiber Innovation: Superloop expands in Asia with advanced fibre network


Superloop has announced that network coverage in Singapore is increasing at a rapid rate, with 30 enterprise buildings now connected to the Company’s Dark Fibre infrastructure.

The expansion demonstrates Superloop’s commitment to extend the core network to commercial buildings across Singapore, such as the Central Business District and the key hubs of Fusionopolis, Mediaopolis, Biopolis, Mapletree Business City and Science Park.

Bevan Slattery, Superloop Founder and CEO, said the Company’s advanced fibre networks answered the increasing demand for reliable, high-speed connectivity solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Like its wider infrastructure in Australia and Hong Kong, the Singapore network enables enterprises to take advantage of bandwidth-intensive apps, content and services such as video, the Cloud and Big Data. At the same time, financial institutions and traders can benefit from the shortest, low-latency and geographically diverse paths to Singapore’s largest data centres including the Singapore Exchange.

“Superloop’s solutions are built on our own carrier grade network, delivering a secure and fast service with an unrivalled performance,” Mr Slattery said. “To offer the scalable capacity and high-speeds, enterprises are demanding, we provide the fibre dark or unlit, without any transmission equipment. This gives our customers maximum flexibility and control of their network services.”

High speed connectivity for Enterprises

Mr Slattery said Superloop’s vision is to bring secure, reliable high speed connectivity to enterprises across all sectors by leveraging the Company’s existing core network between data centres and cable landing stations.

Initially, the first phase of the project included extent the network to 25 strategic commercial buildings that accommodate some of the largest corporate and enterprise customers in Singapore, a number consequently surpassed.


According to Slattery, the 30 commercial buildings now connected to Superloop’s network, and the recent official live launch of the Hong Kong network were significant milestones in realising his APAC ambitions.

“The vision is to become the leading independent interconnectivity provider in the Asia Pacific region,” Slattery said, “and the momentum in extending the network to strategic commercial buildings in Singapore, is key to making it a reality.”