Czech President Welcomes Huawei’s Participation in 5G Deployment

Huawei Logo

President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman met with Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei in Beijing on April 27.

President Zeman voiced his support for Huawei, saying that he believes the allegations against Huawei are groundless. The president also hopes Huawei will play a bigger role in the Czech Republic’s economic digitization and 5G deployment.

President Zeman said, “Huawei is a leader in the digital sector, especially in the 5G and smartphone industries. The current allegations against Huawei are groundless, and I hope to see Huawei’s continued development in the Czech Republic.”

Ren expressed his gratitude to the president for his trust and appreciation. Ren also briefed President Zeman on some basic information about Huawei, including its operations management and shareholding structure. Ren said: “The Czech Republic is a great nation, as well as a strong power in industry. The Czech Republic has huge potential to further industrial digitization and AI application. Huawei is eager to make even greater contributions toward facilitating the country’s digital economy agenda.”

Since establishing its Czech Rep Office in 2003, Huawei has become a strategic partner of the top three carriers in the country. Over the years, Huawei has consistently provided secure, stable, and high-speed networks to the Czech people.

Huawei has also worked closely with local partners to deploy safe cities, smart grids, and other projects. In addition, Huawei emphasizes the importance of fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities in the Czech Republic, and has conducted its ICT talent training program, Seeds for the Future, in the country. This program aims to help university students broaden their horizons and learn about cutting-edge technologies. So far, 28 Czech university students have participated in the program.