Cyprus-based Cablenet Taps Calix PON to Simplify Operations, Reduce Cost

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Calix, Inc. has announced that Cablenet is deploying an AXOS-based passive optical network (PON) as it pivots away from a traditional hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network in greenfield areas.

The Cyprus-based multi-service operator (MSO) will connect between 15,000 and 20,000 new subscribers with Calix’s E7-2 Intelligent Modular System in 2019. This new unified access network will serve different market segments, while dramatically simplifying operations and reducing costs.

Cablenet is an operator with approximately 70,000 subscribers in the competitive Cyprus market. As it looked to expand, the cable operator recognized PON as the ideal technology to deliver residential and business services, extending its ability to compete with the state-owned provider. AXOS-based PON provides an ideal platform to serve the near and long-term needs of both sets of subscribers.

“As we expand into new cities to capture new opportunities, we have identified a need for a solution that can scale at least as well as our existing HFC network, while at the same time lowering operational complexity and costs,” said Antonis Vasili, chief technical officer for Cablenet. “Partnering with Calix gives us the ability to rapidly deploy a software-defined, high-capacity network that can compete for both residential and business subscribers and evolve as we grow.”

Cablenet recognized the need to future-proof its network and is now benefitting from a clear and simple upgrade path to AXOS from its existing Calix systems. The MSO is also offering its subscribers the Calix GigaCenter, which leverages integrated RF capability and will allow for a seamless transition to Cablenet’s next-gen IPTV platform later this year.

The combination of AXOS-based PON and the GigaCenter enables Cablenet to deliver a significant subscriber experience upgrade, including the option of Mesh-Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi.

“Cablenet is being proactive by aggressively upgrading its network to deliver the services needed to take market share from the incumbent,” said Michael Weening, executive VP of field operations for Calix. “Upgrading to PON from HFC is a common path we see cable operators take, as it has become absolutely necessary to compete for residential and business subscribers. By unifying the access network, Cablenet is simplifying operations and positioning itself to delight subscribers with best in class services.”