CSG Launches SaaS Commerce Solution


The digital future is here and 5G is reinventing the way digital services are created, delivered and consumed. Imagination and a trusted communications service provider (CSP) are all that stand in the way of the next era of digitally immersive experiences.

To catapult the industry into this next age of digital innovation, CSG has launched Encompass. A SaaS, open, integrated and modular solution, CSG Encompass crushes the complexity of multi-sided, B2B2X ecosystems to enable dynamic, agile and scalable collaboration across a multitude of partners.

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With Encompass at the heart of an interconnected ecosystem of enterprises, consumers and partners, CSPs can differentiate themselves with a future-ready solution that unlocks the limitless possibility of 5G-enabled offerings that excite customers and deliver seamless commerce.

“5G operators need rapid ROI for their networks but have been hampered by the uncertainty of how to deliver value-added services and monetize their vision at the same time,” said Ken Kennedy, COO and president of revenue management and digital monetization, CSG. “CSG Encompass is the answer to this dilemma. Encompass provides the modular, yet holistic, solution CSPs need to innovate and co-create with partners. For onboarding, offer creation, quoting of services, order management, fulfillment, charging and settlements, CSG Encompass makes delivering a 5G B2B2X marketplace easier. Our cloud-based, open architecture offers the configurability and scalability necessary to create the dynamic, game-changing, digital ecosystems CSPs have been waiting for.”

“Businesses and consumers alike want to interact and transact digitally with convenience and ease, which means not having to do the hard work of bundling components from multiple suppliers themselves,” John Abraham, principal analyst, Analysys Mason.

“B2B2X ecosystems, which bring together digital services from a consortium of partners, are the foundation for delivering these seamless experiences. To be successful, they require an open, integrated solution that can manage the intricate, interconnected commerce cycles that are needed by today’s 5G service providers to fully engage with a more diverse range of partners. CSG’s broad portfolio, exposure to a large number of CSP customers and expertise in delivering large scale transformation projects positions the company well to help CSPs resolve the complexities of B2B2X marketplaces and enable new engagement and monetization opportunities.”

Core capabilities of CSG Encompass include:

Management of the connected B2B2X commerce cycle across CSPs, their partners and their customers including unified catalog, configurable pricing and quoting, order orchestration, charging and settlements

A richly functioned, comprehensive, integrated solution that builds on CSGs expertise in delivering complex, differentiated business models and ecosystems for IoT and B2B2X

A modular, open standards-based, decoupled solution that is network vendor and service agnostic, and can be deployed in the cloud and as a managed service

Leading companies need technologies that can deliver future-ready digital offerings and winning experiences that will drive better business outcomes, quicker time to value and lower risk. CSG Encompass is the solution for CSPs looking to amplify the value of their 5G investments and reinvent the way they do business.

Picture Courtesy: Pixabay.com