Cradlepoint 5G Enterprise Edge Devices Qualified for AWS Private 5G

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Cradlepoint, a global enabler in cloud-delivered Long Term Evolution (LTE) and 5G wireless network solutions, announced the qualification of its 5G routers and adapters for AWS Private 5G, a managed service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easier for enterprises to deploy, operate, and scale their private mobile networks.

From LTE to 5G, mobile network technology is providing essential connectivity for the modern enterprise, augmenting existing networks with higher bandwidth, lower latency, and reliable cellular coverage to an increasing number of devices.

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AWS Private 5G can help businesses take advantage of all of the benefits of 5G while maintaining the security, predictive cost, and granular application and device control of a private network.

Cradlepoint and AWS

AWS Private 5G with Cradlepoint edge devices help enterprises easily set up, deploy, operate, and scale private cellular networks. While AWS delivers the private mobile network as a service, customers can now benefit from using Cradlepoint 5G edge devices to connect essential infrastructure securely and reliably via wired, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connections.

As an essential part of any private network offering, Cradlepoint edge devices (User Equipment or UE) complement AWS Private 5G by delivering:

An extensive portfolio of enterprise-class 5G routers and adapters tailored to specific requirements (indoor, outdoor, ruggedized, fixed, mobile, IoT)
Exceptional LTE and 5G security, performance, and reliability

Cellular Intelligence built into the products that help IT teams visualize, optimize and manage cellular connections, data plans, and traffic flow at scale

The market for private 5G continues to rapidly expand as organizations in various industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, education, smart cities, etc., look to deploy private mobile networks to connect devices, machines, kiosks, sensors, robots, people, vehicles, and more with advanced security and non-stop reliability.

“The U.S. 5G enterprise private network market is expected to reach more than $13.92 billion by 2028, signaling that IT departments across various verticals will need to build and manage a private 5G network. We are thrilled that our lineup of Cradlepoint 5G routers and adapters are now certified to work with AWS Private 5G, enabling customers to deploy private networking while addressing the security, agility, and resiliency demands of enterprises,” said, Marc Bresniker, SVP of product management at Cradlepoint.

As a pioneer in Wireless WAN, enterprises around the world rely on Cradlepoint solutions. Controlled through its NetCloud Service and enabled by Cellular Intelligence, Cradlepoint edge solutions provide reliable and secure cellular connectivity for fixed and temporary sites, vehicles, IoT devices, and remote employees—anywhere.