Coon Valley Telephone Taps RADWIN to Deliver Broadband in Iowa


Coon Valley Telephone deployed RADWIN’s cutting edge JET DUO to provide high-quality broadband access to underserved rural communities in the U.S. State of Iowa.

Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone Association provides telephone, television, and high-speed internet services over both fiber and wireless to rural communities in southwestern Iowa.

At the onset of COVID-19, part of the Iowa Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding was earmarked for rural communities who lacked reliable high-speed internet. Coon Valley tapped into this funding, administered by OCIO, and quickly began addressing the demand of their users. By using RADWIN, they selected a vendor who has played a major role worldwide in enabling wireless internet service providers to meet the pandemic driven demand for rural broadband.

Government funding facilitates Telcos and Service Providers in removing the digital divide for underserved or unserved rural communities

RADWIN’s integrated bidirectional beamforming JET solutions have a reputation for enabling reliable fixed wireless access in the most demanding unlicensed wireless spectrum environments. Coon Valley started deploying in the fall of 2019; as demand increased from users during the COVID-19 era, Coon Valley began relying on RADWIN repeatedly to further upgrade and expand their network where better range and flexibility was needed. WLAN Mall supplied the RADWIN equipment.

Stable and reliable wireless access equipment and partnership

“We are extremely happy with RADWIN’s products and always choose RADWIN when fiber is not possible or profitable,” said Justin Schneider, Combination Technician, of Coon Valley Coop. “RADWIN allows us to expand our footprint by providing fixed wireless access that improves the community’s quality of day-to-day life through enhanced education and business connectivity. After two years of a great partnership, we will be sticking with RADWIN for the foreseeable future.”

As of June 2021, the majority of Coon Valley towers now utilize RADWIN.

“We are pleased that Coon Valley decided to deploy RADWIN’s advanced PtMP solutions,” said Reinhard Florin, RADWIN General Manager of US & Canada. “Many U.S. rural residents simply do not have access to internet services that can meet the needs to support their home based work, education, entertainment, and remote healthcare. RADWIN provides a fixed wireless access solution that can provide the reach needed and can overcome the interference challenges associated with deploying high-capacity fixed wireless broadband to rural users.”

High-speed home broadband internet access is a necessity today

Even beyond the pandemic, federal and state funding for broadband providers have continued. In April, 2021, the House File 848 bill was signed by Gov. Kim Reynolds to set up a system of grants for broadband internet providers to try to boost access in rural sections of the State of Iowa. Coon Valley Telco is keeping an eye on this and other projects which give opportunities to rural internet service providers to make money as well as improving lives. “High-speed broadband access is the new normal. There’s no going back,” emphasized Schneider.