COMSovereign, George Mason University, and Widelity Partner on 5G Innovation


COMSovereign Holding Corp., a U.S.-based developer of 4G LTE Advanced and 5G Communication Systems and Solutions, has entered into an innovation partnership with George Mason University (Mason) and Widelity, Inc. to research 5G applications and use cases.

This partnership aims to research and build 5G-enabling applications and technologies to create new business, community, and higher education engagements.

The work builds on Mason’s work in 5G and the ecosystem of university, industry and government partners collaborating through the Northern Virginia Node of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI). Cybersecurity of 5G has been an initial focus area for CCI since its inception in 2019.

“CCI has been a catalyst for connecting industry and government cybersecurity challenges with university faculty with expertise, innovative technologies and solutions,” said Liza Wilson Durant, Director of the Northern Virginia Node of CCI. “University-industry partnerships such as this one accelerates delivery of new solutions to the innovation ecosystem.”

Through the partnership, Mason will provide R&D and concept development of 5G applications such as connected transport and smart infrastructure. COMSovereign will support the research by providing standalone 5G wireless network hardware and related support services that include a complete, “turn-key” 5G network featuring a 3GPP standardized, 5G Core (5GCN), and 5G gNodeB base station. Widelity will contribute business and engineering services in technology strategy, research and development, network design, lab testing and integration, and network deployment. The collaboration is expected to accelerate advances in cybersecurity of 5G, implementation of 5G in smart communities and support the growing innovation ecosystem in the region.

“We are pleased to partner with Mason and Widelity on this cutting-edge 5G smart campus program. At COMSovereign, our mission remains focused on unlocking the true potential of 5G through the development and commercialization of advanced, American-made wireless infrastructure,” said Dr. Dustin McIntire, Chief Technology Officer of COMSovereign. “By leveraging the proven integration capabilities of Widelity with the research capabilities of the Mason team, we believe that not only will we be able to advance 5G technology, but we will greatly expand its potential use cases for customers across both government and commercial sectors.”

“Wireless networking technology has become a critical underpinning of the modern world, without which commerce and nearly every other facet of day-to-day life as we know it would be disrupted and even halted,” added Duminda Wijesekera, Professor, Department of Computer Science, Acting Chair – Department of Cyber Security Engineering. “As a leading public research institution, it is through close collaboration with innovative technology companies such as COMSovereign and Widelity that we can help ensure that students are well prepared to excel in the wirelessly connected world of tomorrow.”

“This is an organized digital innovation partnership to bring technology, academia, and integration components to solve complex problems together. Further, this 5G/Cyber accelerator program will enable an organic entrepreneurial ecosystem to serve the regional economy via next-gen research and growth in STEM talent,” stated Parag Singh, Managing Director at Widelity.