CommunicAsia 2019: Victorian Gov Expanding Awareness of Victorian Tech Cos in Southeast Asia


The State Government of Victoria is proud to announce its participation at CommunicAsia 2019, which will be held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from 18-20 June.

NEXTDC, Compliance Experts, Twirll, Audacix and Dexterous Systems are part of a 29-company contingent that will represent the Australian state at the event.

The State of Victoria is home to a thriving ICT economy which generates approximately A$34 billion in revenue annually. Forming 31 per cent of Australia’s overall ICT workforce, Victoria is undoubtedly a key part of the nation’s efforts to encourage innovation in digital technology.

With almost 10 per cent of ICT revenue in the high growth state coming from exports out of the country, being globally connected by identifying and collaborating with key export regions is key to Victoria’s continued growth. Southeast Asia is well positioned to be a key growth market for these companies.

The ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2020 underlined the Southeast Asia’s dedication to improving connectivity and regional integration and the development of the ICT sector will play a pivotal role in realising this plan. As the most digitally connected country in the world, located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore could potentially be the gateway to the rest of the region for Victorian businesses as they look to expand their reach internationally.

“Having lived in the region for over six years, I have seen Southeast Asia’s steady and phenomenal growth first hand. The Victorian Government has long recognised the importance of collaborating with companies from the region. We have Victorian Government offices in major ASEAN cities like Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and we are constantly engaging Vietnam and Thailand,” said Brett Stevens, Commissioner for Victoria to Southeast Asia. “ICT plays a massive business role in Southeast Asia. The digital and social media landscape here is among the most active in the world and we are proud to use CommunicAsia as a platform to bring Victorian and Southeast Asian businesses together.”

The culture of Victorian innovation is epitomised by companies like NEXTDC, which focus on helping clients digitally transform by providing data centre and connectivity solutions. David Dzienciol, Chief Customer Officer of NEXTDC believes that collaboration between organisations is key for sustainable business growth.

“We believe that interoperability is key for ICT to be able to cross international barriers and improve the lives of people through technology. To achieve this, businesses from around the world must come together and protect the resource that allows us to drive digital transformation; data. As Victorian businesses expand out of Australia and into Southeast Asia, greater amounts of data will be produced. At CommunicAsia, we hope to share our expertise and learn about the innovations of our Victorian and Southeast Asian peers. We are tremendously excited to be part of this event and hope to see greater business collaboration between the two regions.”

Key participants from Global Victoria at CommunicAsia 2019:


NEXTDC is an ASX200-listed technology company enabling business transformation through innovative data centre outsourcing solutions, connectivity services and infrastructure management software.

As Australia’s leading independent data centre operator with nationwide network of Tier III and IV facilities, NEXTDC provides enterprise-class colocation services to local and international organisations. With a focus on sustainability and renewable energy NEXTDC is leading the industry with award-winning engineering solutions for energy efficiency and NABERS 5-star certification.

Compliance Experts

Compliance Experts assist organisations in reducing the complexity and cutting the cost of compliance, through systematic and controlled digital processes. Compliance Experts recently formed a joint venture with another Australian company called Shiblon.

Shiblon introduced Compliance Experts to NEC Asia Pacific, Dell and IBM which are all interested in becoming strategic partners, offering their technology solution “Compliance Checkpoint” to their private and public sector clients.

Twirll (Embedded Business Solution)

Twirll Digital Cloud SaaS Platform has matured over the years and is now generating considerable traction globally. The company is developing the next stage of the platform and attracting customers from different regions. Twirll has customers in Singapore and is looking to build partnerships to acquire a larger customer base.


Audacix provides cloud security and software quality assurance technology and solutions for today’s rapidly changing business software environment. Audacix has leading edge technology and solutions. The company’s efforts with software QA have helped its customers reduce testing time from four weeks to two days. Audacix has released new revenue-generating features to waiting customers on time, every month for the last three years. Customers also see an average 72 per cent reduction of bugs in production.

Dexterous Systems

Dexterous is a software platform developed in Melbourne and 100 per cent Victorian owned. Over the past two years Dexterous has confirmed its position as a leading CRM and Inventory Management system. Dexterous is a multi-award winning software, having been included as a Westpac Business of Tomorrow winner in 2017 and a winner of the Momentum Energy 3AW monthly business award. The company’s clients range from large importers and wholesalers to trade and service companies and leading finance brokerages.

Global Victoria connects international buyers and agents with Victorian businesses. through an international network of 22 offices. Victorian businesses excel in providing digital technologies to financial and insurance services, professional, scientific and technical services, healthcare, construction, education, accommodation, food and retail trade industries.