CocoSign Review: Who Should Get an Independent Contractor Agreement?


Nowadays there is a lot of competition in the business field. Every company wants to attain more benefits by paying less. Those who really want to earn more profit by paying low wages can think of hiring a contractor.

It is a smart step that small businesses can take by appointing one skilled man. It is an alternative to hiring many employees who work for an organization for a short period of time. Such individuals possess specialized skills and work on a contract for a determined span of time.

The cherry on the cake is that now you can hire contractors from other cities or countries remotely. Are you thinking about how you would create the agreement? Well, there is no need to worry as CocoSign has a contractor agreement template that could be signed online.

Digital Contractor Agreements by CocoSign

Nowadays businesses are moving towards more flexible options for getting their work done. People who really want to experiment with life regarding work opportunities can think of becoming a contractor. They can join and leave the work according to their own comfort as they are not bounded to anyone.

CocoSign has listed all templates for different types of contractor’s agreement so that you can choose one which matches your requirements. Below are the facts which depict how you are at advantage by signing a digital contract using CocoSign sign generator services:

  • Get more freedom for doing your work
  • Paid for every hour of your work, so you can earn more money
  • Less social and you have to attend fewer meetings
  • Work with multiple companies together
  • A good and balanced lifestyle

What is an Independent Contractor Agreement?

For hiring a person as an independent contractor for your work, you need to have some paperwork done. This agreement specifically dictates the responsibilities and rights of both parties under the legal umbrella.

The contractor agreement is signed when a man is hired by any business for a specific task. In these legal documents, you specify all the terms and conditions of work. CocoSign offers editable pdf forms that could be used for hiring contractors remotely.

These contracts could be signed by generating an electronic signature with CocoSign by the unit and the person being selected for work. It must elaborate descriptively on the services being provided, length of the project, and payment details.

It must also pertain to explain a non- competitive agreement in which both parties are not supposed to take any personal benefits. Such binding documents forbid employees to recruit the employer’s colleagues or customers after he leaves the company.

The Significance of Legal Contracts

In this competitive and rapidly progress making technological world, safety is the chief concern of every business and individual. Those who want to keep themselves at the safest side regarding legal commitments can ponder over the beneficial aspects of contract documents signing with CocoSign.

By hiring contractors, businesses can save a lot of money. Companies need to provide a lot of facilities to employees for the accomplishment of their tasks. They will have to provide them with the equipment and working space as well.

With an independent contractor, you only need to pay him a set amount and he will give you work performed using his own equipment and space. You can pay a man hourly or after the accomplishment of a project according to the digitally signed agreement.

Drafting a Contractor Agreement with CocoSign

CocoSign offers an exuberance variation of agreement templates. When you are working as an independent contractor or you want to hire an independent contractor, you must keep in mind that you have done proper paperwork that fulfills all the terms and conditions of your professional bond.

The terms and conditions of an independent contractor agreement differ from situation to situation. In present times, online working has earned a good reputation. In the e-Business World, people prefer to work Contractors. CocoSign is one of those cloud computing applications where you can sign your agreement document over the internet.

In case a company has hired a man without any signing any contract, then he will be treated as an employee. The company will have to provide him all the facilities they offer to their employees. It could be a difficult and costly process to deal with any disputes without a contract

Important Points to Consider for a Digital Agreement

The company that is hiring an independent contractor is obliged to state clearly the person’s or entity working for them in the contract. The information regarding the contractor shall be also mentioned in the agreement.

The agreement shall also state all the details regarding payment. When and how it must be paid to the independent contractor. It must also clarify the type of payment either its flat fee or time based, surely depending on the kind of project.

The Independent contractor agreement must also specify the timeline in which the work is supposed to be completed.  The companies shall also specify the terms of ending up the contract, in some specific situations when there is need of it. The termination provisions must be stated in detail

These legal documents are supposed to clarify very concisely that they are not supposed to enjoy the perks of an employee’s life as they are provided with some health care facilities, retirement facilities, etc. Make sure that both parties sign the documents because otherwise, it would not be a valid contract.

All legal activities shall be performed and recorded in descriptive form as well from both sides while working on a project with an independent contractor.  The agreement shall also state that the Contractor is supposed to pay his own personal expenses.

An independent contractor needs to sign some confidential terms between both parties as well. They must have complete access to each other during the working hours as that the issues and other important matters could be communicated on time. 

In the End

For writing an independent contractor agreement, you need an authorized and legal platform. CocoSign provides you with all the customized offers of your interest. Navigate to the official website of CocoSign and you will find the agreement templates of your choice.