Cisco Puts Cloud Envelope Around Service Providers, Broadcasters, Media Cos at CES 2015


Focusing around expanding the cloud capabilities, at CES 2015, Cisco is demonstrating how it is helping service providers, broadcasters, and media and entertainment companies transform their business to capture the benefits of the Internet of Everything (IoE) with cloud-based video solutions, virtualized managed services solutions and much more.

Cisco will privately host a range of cloud-powered demonstrations for its partners and customers at its CES campus, The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. These demonstrations will showcase the industry’s most complete portfolio of cloud products and services, spanning video, mobility, collaboration, broadcasting and the connected home.

Each will exemplify how to drive profitable customer-centric business outcomes through cloud-based innovations and services, which help service providers and media companies transform their business, customer experiences, and their architecture.

For pay-TV operators and media and entertainment companies, Cisco will be demonstrating ways to use its Videoscape Cloud solutions to virtualize and orchestrate video workloads that used to require substantial time, dedicated infrastructure and complex processes to deliver.

Videoscape solutions like Cloud DVR move more functionality to the cloud, making it fast and easy for operators to add service features, giving consumers the dynamic “follow me anywhere” video experiences they crave.

Today, only Cisco can offer Pay-TV, media and entertainment companies and Service Providers a complete family of open standards-based cloud solutions, all designed to expand their business, reduce costs and improve agility. Examples include: Cisco Cloud Services and the Intercloud, OpenStack software solutions, the Evolved Services Platform (ESP), Virtualized Video Processing, Videoscape Cloud Services, Cisco cloud-scale unified computing system (UCS), cloud powered collaboration tools, cloud security solutions, Big Data, analytics, and more.

Manuel Cubero, CEO, Kabel Deutschland, says, “Our video future lies in delivering converged, personalized, social, multi-screen video experiences, from a standardized, IP-based, cloud-powered platform. We have chosen Cisco as our partner for software and set-top boxes because Cisco shares these fundamental tenets, and their products and plans best realize them.”

Yvette Kanouff, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Service Provider Video Software and Solutions, explains, “Cisco is proud to work with a leader and innovator like Kabel Deutschland to realize their vision of transforming their video business to a software-based, agile, cloud-powered platform. Cisco has invested heavily to become the leader in cloud and virtualization because these technologies will help our customers deliver great services, become more agile and ultimately grow their businesses.”