Ciena Strengthens SK Telink’s Transpacific Route

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SK Telink, a South Korean network operator, has selected Ciena to upgrade its submarine network between Seoul, South Korea, Hong Kong and Los Angeles and provide a platform to deliver more differentiated customer experiences.

Ciena’s Adaptive IP™ solution enables SK Telink to build a converged packet network to pave the way for future IP-based services.

With Ciena, SK Telink executes its vision of becoming a leading information and communications technologies service provider that offers innovative services internationally so end users can communicate conveniently and safely regardless of time and place.

Network Infrastructure

Ciena’s 6500 Packet Transport System (PTS), part of the Adaptive IP solution, allows SK Telink to support its legacy time-division multiplexing network. To accelerate network and service management, Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan domain controller automates lifecycle operations of SK Telink’s packet network.

SK Telink can now achieve new levels of scale, flexibility, and programmability to deliver high-speed internet and cloud services. Additionally, Ciena’s 6500 PTS lowers office footprint and power consumption.

“Our customers are consuming data at a breakneck speed and to keep up, we deployed Ciena to build one of the first packet-based transport networks in a transpacific route to reinforce our commitment to world-class telecom service. Our goal of being a forward-thinking and international operator will be realized with the technical expertise of Ciena,” said, Jeongyeol Lee, Director of ICT Infra Headquarters, SK Telink.

“As SK Telink prepares for the country’s next wave of digital growth, Ciena’s packet solutions lay the foundation for a network that can respond in real-time to changing demands,” explained, Henry Kim, President and General Manager, Ciena North Asia Region.

SK Telink is an ICT service company that covers wired/wireless telecommunications and various solutions. We have grown into a leading company in the wired communication field by diversifying our business through international calls, long-distance calls, and internet calls as well as value-added services.

In particular, SK Telink’s 00700 brand has won major customer satisfaction surveys in Korea for six consecutive years including the National Customer Satisfaction index.

Ciena is a networking systems, services and software company. It provides solutions that help customers create the Adaptive Network™ in response to the constantly changing demands of their users.