Champion Computers, ready to script success on telecom turf


After having firmly entrenched itself in the IT space for many years, New Delhi based Champion Computers has associated itself with India’s largest telecom operator, BSNL and the company is now primed to succeed in the telecom space as well. And in order to create its special mark in the mobility focused device segment, the company has announced a slew of feature phones, smartphones and tablets in the Indian market. TelecomDrive spoke with Kapil Wadhwa, Director, Champion Computers about the company’s current focus of activities and its future plans.

1.     How is Champion Computers focusing itself in the telecom space today?

Champion Computers is a 25 years old company and have emerged as a major constituent of the Indian IT and Communications Industry, selling a wide range of products under the brand name of ‘Champion’. Our association with the industry is well rooted.

We have recently entered into a strategic alliance with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the oldest and largest communications service provider in India to cater to the ever-growing ICT needs of today’s tech-savvy consumer.

We strongly believe that technology should be available at affordable prices, especially in Indian context. We are working on the design and performance of our products to make it eye-catching and at the same time easy to use. Our low prices and superior functionality is also a reason our products would score over our competitors. All these introductions are keeping us enthusiastic for the year ahead. We are positive that we’ll be able to reach larger audience with the new products we aim to introduce in partnership with BSNL in 2014. Furthermore, we recognize the “Technological obsolesce factor” and keep pace with the ever-changing international scenario.

2.     What is your broad strategy to reach out towards the end consumers in India?

We have been associated with this industry for a long time now. Headquartered in New Delhi, we enjoy a strong brand salience among channel partners across the country through its strong nationwide distribution network. We are well versed with the intricacies of the market and have a well instituted structure and relations with the channel fraternity.

We have a strong nation-wide distribution network and our channel partners have been strategic to our growth in the country. Through our partnership with BSNL, we will also be able to take strategic advantage of their outreach. We hope to distribute in the coming days via four main channels i.e. BSNL outlets, traditional dealers, large scale retail outlets and online. We have appointed 3,000 dealers across the country and we have 500 service centers for after-sales service. These numbers are only likely to grow in the coming year.

 3.     Please share details about your channel strategy? How are you going to target the C and D class cities?

As mentioned above, our strong and broad channel network outlines our channel strategy. Our different yet affordable series of smartphones, feature phones etc. are the most suitable devices for the Tier II, III & IV cities.

BSNL has a strong presence in 3-4 tier cities which gives us an added advantage as we are offering our products with BSNL bundled Services. We have appointed 3,000 dealers across the country and have 500 service centers for after-sales service.

4.     What kind of potential is there in such locations and what is the big value addition that such consumers are going to get from your products?

The demand from these locations is considerably high, but the reach and value factors keep them deprived of the latest technology. Technology has advanced at an immensely high pace and the needs are simultaneously evolving. Technology certainly eases the process and best of it available at affordable prices will undoubtedly add value. As the products come bundled with BSNL plans, it adds further credibility to the whole package.

5.     Please share details about some of your best selling handsets and tablet?

Tablet – Trendy 531 and Handset – Apna phone series are the best selling products for us. These products are offered with bundled service of BSNL, which comprises of offers like 1 yr calling free or MB data free monthly. They are affordable in price and loaded with latest technologies and best features.

6.     Do you have any plans for manufacturing handsets and tablets in India?

We have our own manufacturing facility in the country and we are extensively focusing on delivering mobility products.

 7.     How do you see the company in the next two years?

We are very positive about the new products we aim to introduce in partnership with BSNL in the year 2014. We will be introducing a total of 9 smart phones with top-end features, phablets, tablets and data cards at very affordable rates. All in all, we will be directed towards bringing greater value addition to both Champion and BSNL and would look at a longer association with BSNL.