CES 2016: Ericsson to showcase innovations on Monetizing IoT, Understanding 5G


At CES 2016 from January 6-9, in Las Vegas, Ericsson is all set to demonstrate how the Networked Society is turning great ideas into global realities and focus its efforts around the emerging IoT and 5G space.

The Networked Society represents a fundamental paradigm shift for people, business and society. In this shift, resources are continuously discovered, new forms of value are unleashed, and life and business are transformed.

As industry after industry transforms based on the fundamentals of mobility, broadband and cloud, there will be an emphasis on the centrality of networks – horizontal, programmable network platforms that connect the clouds of all the industries, forming a bridge between a myriad of devices and an endless ocean of applications.

Located in the Central Hall #10433, Ericsson’s exhibition stand will deliver an end-user perspective on the Networked Society, where connectivity is the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing. Ericsson will explore life in tomorrow’s connected world with featured demonstrations across six different areas in the booth, including:

Immersive Experiences
A viewing experience like nothing before with such amazing visual quality that consumers feel part of the on-screen story.

Autonomous Driving
One key area of automotive industry transformation is autonomous driving, where “driverless” commutes include drivers moving in and out of control of the vehicle easily and safely.

Understanding 5G
5G offers the possibility to create logical network slices (using software defined networking (SDN) and programmability) of the mobile network serving a wide and varying set of needs.

Monetizing IoT
The increased relation between the service and the connectivity will drive collaboration in the ICT value chain and the development of ecosystems and new business models.

Enabling Everything
Operators are embracing horizontal software solutions, cloud ecosystems, analytics, industry vertical expertise and security & controls to become agile operators.

Trending Now
The mobile industry is turning technology progress into thriving markets and real benefits for a rapidly growing number of users.

Featured demonstrations will include:

5G Excavator
This live demonstration shows the capabilities of next-generation 5G networks in mission critical M2M situations. The demonstration allows visitors to get hands-on experience of controlling an excavator located in Plano, Texas remotely from the show floor. Visitors will wear a virtual reality headset and sit at the controls of the excavator to operate it in real time.

Autonomous Driving
Experience the full-scale of the driver-less car ecosystem where 5G creates new opportunities for personal travel and cargo transport. Ericsson’s offering ranges from traffic control centers to enabling full-scale connectivity, so that every transport hub, every vehicle and every journey is connected.

Connected Water
See how Ericsson’s Technology For Good benefits the Networked Society by helping to protect the environment and drinking water. The demo will showcase Ericsson’s active involvement with the development of water quality sensors that utilize the mobile network to securely send data. This data is then used to efficiently monitor and protect vital watersheds, streams, and rivers. The demo will also showcase how LTE power saving mode will enable deployment of IoT sensors in the field with minimal power requirements.

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