How Ceragon can Remove Spectrum Bottleneck and Double Capacity for Wireless Backhaul


Ceragon Networks, the wireless backhaul specialist is all set to showcase its new Advanced Frequency Reuse solution at Mobile World Congress 2015, in Barcelona, Spain.

Adding cell sites and providing backhaul is a major challenge for service providers as available backhaul spectrum channels are scarce. Often operators are just not able to obtain additional frequency channels to support their wireless backhaul needs.

Securing spectrum for network growth as technology shifts from 3G to 4G and, in the future, 5G also must be considered in order to achieve long term business success. Ceragon’s Advanced Frequency Reuse solution, available with the IP-20 platform, changes the way operators plan and deploy their network by providing the freedom to deploy cell sites wherever they are needed while alleviating many of the wireless backhaul constraints.

Enabled by Ceragon’s multicore technology which is at the heart of the IP-20 Platform, the solution enables the use of a single frequency channel where multiple channels are often required to meet wireless backhaul demand. The result is an overwhelming saving of at least 50% of the wireless spectrum required.

It also allows for doubling the capacity of the wireless backhaul network. It does so by requiring far smaller angular separation between wireless backhaul links that utilize the same frequency channel; Instead of employing a separation of at least 90 degrees as required today, it reduces the needed separation to a mere 15 degrees. The result is flexibility in network deployment and a significant reduction in operational and capital expenditure.

The Advanced Frequency Reuse solution is an integral part of the company’s leading IP-20 Platform, vastly adopted by service providers, public safety and private network operators worldwide and will be available via a CeraOS software release, Ceragon’s advanced Operating System.

A live demonstration of the new solution will take place in Ceragon’s booth in Hall 5; stand #5G61 from March 2-5.

“This new solution reaffirms our commitment to supporting our customers’ ability to deliver on their business strategy,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “With the IP-20 Platform, service providers are able to deploy a wireless backhaul network without spectrum and capacity bottlenecks. Our unique multicore technology, at the heart of the IP-20 Platform, undeniably provides a flexible and agile, future proof solution that enables our customers to meet today’s 4G needs and tomorrow’s 5G requirements.”