CenturyLink Brings Gigabit Connectivity to Boulder


As families gather and simultaneously use their broadband connections for work, learning and entertainment, the CenturyLink network is keeping pace with the increased demand and growing – recently connecting more than 14,000 additional homes in Boulder to gigabit internet speeds following the completion of a fiber optic construction project started in 2019.

“As technology moves at a breakneck pace, Boulder welcomes CenturyLink’s infrastructure improvements for benefiting small businesses and homes alike,” said Andrea Meneghel, director of public affairs, Boulder Chamber of Commerce. “CenturyLink is an important economic partner for Boulder and this fiber gigabit expansion gives our community a tremendous advantage with more broadband availability and faster speeds, positioning us ahead of today’s standards and preparing our community for future innovations.”

The Boulder project provides fast and reliable Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) internet service with gigabit speeds to residents and some businesses in the area helping them keep up with surging internet use.

“Working together to overcome this disruption of our daily lives, the internet connection is more important than ever. Powering homes, businesses, education health care and entertainment, it is crucial to our lives right now,” said Guy Gunther, senior director consumer fiber markets, CenturyLink. “CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit can provide the capacity customers need, now and into the future, connecting people to work from home, distance learning, telemedicine, video entertainment, gaming and more. Boulder residents need the fiber technology to efficiently support all these connections and be ready for what lies ahead, and CenturyLink is here to provide a fast, reliable connection.”

Fiber optic-based internet services are made possible by connecting fiber optic cable directly to homes and businesses using Fiber to the Home (FTTH) technology. FTTH technology benefits every type of user, from the serious gamer to the self-employed business owner. CenturyLink’s fiber internet services include rapid upload/download speeds, as well as the ability to support multiple users on multiple devices simultaneously.