CENIC Simplifies Communications Infrastructure with Juniper Networks

California’s research and education network consolidates with Juniper’s MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform to ease the flow of critical information while reducing costs

Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced that CENIC, a large nonprofit network provider connecting California’s education and research institutions with each other and with the world, has simplified its infrastructure by moving from multiple network platforms to a unified network based upon Juniper Networks® MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform for current 10GbE and future 100GbE service growth.

A common operating system and routing platform across hundreds of its network service edge sites means CENIC can better contain operational costs and meet surging bandwidth requirements as its customers require 100GbE connectivity.

As scientists working in fields such as genomics, climate change and galaxy exploration continue to push the limits of research that require massive data collection and sharing across campuses, network traffic has exploded.

Most research institutes, including the University of California and other leading universities to which CENIC provides network connectivity, now require 100GbE capacity to meet their current and future needs. CENIC had a variety of different networking platforms to support their growing needs and ultimately saw this complexity as a hindrance to its growth.

The Juniper MX 5G Universal Routing Platform will allow CENIC to meet the demands for delivering current and future 10GbE and 100GbE services at scale while containing operational expenditures by implementing a single unified operational experience across the entire network. Juniper’s MX routers empower CENIC with one platform and one operating experience across its approximately 700 edge sites.

“As CENIC evaluates and adopts strategies to address network complexity, automation, telemetry and function virtualization to keep pace with the extraordinary demands placed on our network by our 12,000 member institutions in California, we are pleased with Juniper’s innovative and progressive approaches to our challenges, along with their vision for the future, and look forward to our partnership with them. We are excited to have Juniper partner with us to tackle and surmount complexity, while achieving performance and reliability goals as the big data demands on our network exceed an exabyte this year,” explained, John Dundas III, chief technology officer, CENIC.

“Facilitating the easy flow of information among our nation’s top research and education institutions is absolutely vital to a productive and growing society. At Juniper Networks, we’ve always been focused on solving the toughest challenges the network presents. We are excited to be partnering with CENIC to simplify their network so they can focus on enabling the digital transformation of research and educational institutions,” informed, Sally Bament, vice president, service provider marketing, Juniper Networks.