Cellwize Unveils Open RAN Automation Platform for 5G Networks

5G Technology

Cellwize Wireless Technologies Inc. (Cellwize), a global enabler in mobile network automation and orchestration, today announced its next generation RAN automation and orchestration platform, Cellwize Chime, enabling network operators to cost-effectively achieve the scale and agility required to accelerate the roll-out and improve maintenance of 5G networks while managing their legacy networks.

For the last few years, telecom companies around the world have raced to be first in comprehensive 5G rollouts, vowing faster speeds and increased bandwidth, better customer experience to support consumers, as well as advanced low latency/high bandwidth new M2M use cases.

However, mobile network operators have experienced challenges in delivering on the promise in a cost-effective fashion, unable to properly implement the networks in an economically viable way. Additionally, managing and controlling a multi-vendor, cross-technology network is several-fold more challenging than the legacy 2/3/4G networks.

Cellwize has built an AI-powered RAN automation platform that addresses these challenges by automating the deployment, design, management and optimization of 5G networks, while seamlessly managing the underlying legacy networks.

Cellwize Chime provides an open, centralized layer that enables an orchestrated ecosystem of automation which allows MNOs to manage and control both legacy and 5G networks, RAN and vRAN.

The company’s technology ingests raw data from the RAN and external sources such as crowdsourcing and geolocation, abstracts it, and makes it available to any application and solution through open APIs.

This enables a unified application layer across all vendors, which connects network applications and algorithms to any OSS or vendor in a guarded and controlled way, allowing mobile network operators to accelerate their 5G businesses, and enhances RAN automation across the network, while also reducing operating costs and advanced time to market of 5G services.

Cellwize also added a new business solution to its portfolio – Chime Developer, which allows for self-development by transforming ideas into working prototypes over the Chime platform. With Chime Developer, operators can roll out new use cases with unprecedented ease and the right time to market. Using the Chime platform and the Chime Developer solutions, operators can connect applications regardless of network complexity and technology stack, through a single pane of glass.

“We are very excited to roll out Chime – our new generation RAN automation open platform,” said Ofir Zemer, CEO of Cellwize. “Chime brings strategic value to MNOs in the age of 5G, and addresses some of the most critical economical and operational challenges they are facing today. We are proud to work side-by-side with some of the largest and most advanced MNOs in the world to help them address and overcome these challenges.”