Cellwize, Intel Collaborate to Drive Deployment of 5G vRAN with AI


Cellwize Wireless Technologies Inc. (Cellwize), a global enabler in mobile network automation and orchestration, has announced a collaboration with Intel, which will enable Cellwize’s CHIME technology on Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in AI acceleration and Intel FlexRAN reference software in order to propel deployment of automated AI-driven 5G vRAN networks.

As cellular networks are progressing from RAN to vRAN, implementing a scalable cloud-like architecture in 5G networks is crucial for operators who are racing to deploy their 5G networks to provide innovative new services and user experiences, outpace the competition, and outperform customer expectations. Virtualization of RAN is necessary to support the use cases and performance requirements of 5G, as vRAN is more agile and flexible than the hardware-based RAN that most operators are currently using.

“We are excited to be working with Intel once again to continue advancing the 5G domain, empowering more operators to deploy their networks,” said Ofir Zemer, CEO of Cellwize. “CHIME’s intelligent vRAN deployment automation perfectly supports AI-powered Intel Xeon Scalable processors to transform the industry in the evolution from RAN to vRAN. This collaboration will allow operators to deploy vRAN more quickly, with a fully automated process, up to 90% reduction in associated costs, improved quality of services through automation, reduced operating expenses to configure and activate cell sites, and overall enhanced customer satisfaction through AI-driven and predictive decision making.”

“Virtualizing the RAN is the next frontier for network transformation. Our decade of investments and optimization work is delivering the scale and flexibility required for operators to quickly architect and rollout 5G while taking full advantage of integrated AI technology. Cellwize’s CHIME technology for vRAN automation utilizes the latest Intel vRAN technology and Intel Xeon Scalable processors to speed up and simplify deployments,” said Cristina Rodriguez, VP and GM Wireless Access Network Division at Intel.

Cellwize and Intel will be offering demos at MWC, June 28-July 1.