Carabineros de Chile Taps Motorola Solutions for Crime Control

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In order to provide Carabineros de Chile with better resources to stay one step ahead of the country’s security challenges, the Undersecretariat of Crime Prevention- under a tendering procedure, has acquired 300 state-of-the-art body-worn cameras developed by Motorola Solutions.

These next-generation body-worn cameras will transform digital policing, where connected officers can stream live video, collaborating in real-time with integrated access to information. Moreover, the cameras have GPS tracking, Bluetooth integration, low light level recording capabilities and an IP67 rating, ensuring they can be used in harsh weather conditions.

“Motorola Solutions body-worn cameras are used by thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide. We are proud that Chile is advancing on the transformation of its police force by using Motorola Solution’s next generation technology to fight crime”, said Mauricio Borquez, sales manager for public safety, Motorola Solutions Chile.

With the new VB400 body-worn cameras, uniformed police officers will have a tool allowing them to record police activities when incidents occur, capture video and provide evidence, a vital capability associated to “Evidence Chain of Custody”, a system incorporated into VB400 cameras, whose main purpose is to guarantee the authenticity of evidence.

The VB400 body-worn camera, which is part of Motorola Solutions’ video security solutions portfolio, has a pre-recording window of up to two minutes, which means that they are permanently capturing footage, and when the record button is pressed, they save the footage that has been recorded up to two minutes earlier. Enabled by WI-FI coverage and connection to the central server, cameras can live-stream from the frontline, in real-time.

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