Calix Enhances its Revenue EDGE Solution for CSPs

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Calix, Inc. has released enhancements to the Revenue EDGE solution, which enables communication service providers (CSPs) to deliver the ultimate experience to broadband subscribers.

The enhancements impact Calix Marketing Cloud, EDGE Enablement, and the BLAST ultimate Wi-Fi experience—all components of the Revenue EDGE—and allow CSP marketing teams to quickly customize, launch, and scale targeted marketing campaigns, as well as increase campaign take rates and drive revenue.

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These latest updates to Calix Marketing Cloud help marketers increase adoption of ProtectIQ™, which safeguards home networks from security threats. (According to IT security company BitSight, 45 percent of home networks contain some form of malware that negatively impacts network performance.) To give CSPs better visibility into these security concerns, Calix has upgraded the reporting capabilities within Calix Marketing Cloud to integrate insights from ProtectIQ. This new lens offers a view of data related to home-network threats that have been neutralized for subscribers. Marketing teams can leverage these data points in campaigns to demonstrate the value of ProtectIQ to existing subscribers and increase adoption for prospective subscribers.

The updates to Calix EDGE Enablement introduce a new electronic content builder (ECB) that enables CSPs to customize marketing collateral online with a few simple clicks. The ECB gives CSPs of any size increased agility to respond to rapidly evolving subscriber needs. Marketers can first use Calix Marketing Cloud to mine insights, then use the ECB to swiftly create, launch, and scale branded marketing campaigns to maximize resources and drive improved ROI—all while keeping their own brand front and center.

“The Revenue EDGE helps us stay flexible as subscriber needs evolve,” said Tyler Rasmussen, marketing manager for Utah-based Strata Networks. “We can deliver services with agility and fulfill the promise of ultimate Wi-Fi, and the latest ProtectIQ insights allow us to clearly prove the value we provide to subscribers every day. The enhancements to the new content customization portal will allow us to further maximize our resources to deliver personalized marketing messages and reinforce our brand.”

Combined, these enhancements deliver multiple benefits to CSP marketing teams:

Increase Campaign Take Rates and ARPU: New insights from ProtectIQ give CSPs increased visibility into the impact of their security offerings and provide campaign materials that demonstrate value and grow ARPU by as much as 31 percent

Reduce Costs and Time-to-Market: Market activation saves time and money for teams developing go-to-market campaigns and promotions, resulting in improved ROI and massive reductions in time to market

Reinforce their Brand: The ECB enables immediate customization to align with CSP brand guidelines to ensure their brand remains top-of-mind

In addition to the updated Calix Marketing Cloud platform and the EDGE Enablement capabilities, CSPs of all sizes can leverage the BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience brand. Communication service providers can align their own branding with the BLAST look and feel to create a comprehensive campaign that communicates a subscriber experience built on industry-best, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity but keeps the CSP front and center with the subscriber.

“Our mission is to enable our customers to quickly and cost effectively bring the ultimate subscriber experience to market while showcasing their brand,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer for Calix. “That’s why we continuously update Calix Marketing Cloud and our market activation assets to ensure CSP marketing teams can easily deliver messages that will resonate with subscribers. Our team of experts has developed a complete marketing engine CSPs can deploy to remain agile and harness the revenue potential in their markets.”