Calix Broadband Performance Testing Service Drives WesTel Systems Toward CAF Compliance

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Calix, Inc. has announced newly enhanced Broadband Performance Testing Service, which is already helping WesTel Systems establish and maintain its CAF performance testing framework.

This managed service from Calix provides WesTel with access to experts who can help them understand reporting requirements and address any compliance gaps as they prepare for the January 2020 FCC deadline. The Calix Managed Services team provides reports and guidance that help WesTel proactively manage broadband performance across their entire network. The Calix team also works to ensure that WesTel stays up to date with the latest FCC requirements moving forward.

The testing framework is critical for rural communications service providers (CSPs) who receive CAF funding, as the penalty for non-compliance can be as high as 25 percent of monthly support payments. WesTel’s partnership with Calix provides them access to the tools, processes, and insights necessary to establish its framework and ensure its ongoing testing practices meet the required standards. More importantly, they can now establish and maintain compliance without dedicating their own resources.

Components of the service include: ​​

•Testing framework set-up using Calix Support Cloud​ testing to a GigaSpire™
•Regular testing framework pre-tests, reporting, and proactive performance analysis​
•Ongoing support for regulatory compliance​ reporting

“The broadband performance testing capabilities Calix enables are helping us prepare for the upcoming FCC requirements,” said Bob Gannon, general manager and CEO for WesTel Systems. “Our goal is always to be 100 percent certain our subscribers are getting the experience they expect, regardless of the requirements. Calix has provided amazing support and ensured that we not only delight our subscribers but also that we can demonstrate that quality of service through our testing framework and process. We know from experience working with Calix that they are extremely reliable and will make sure we get help with exactly what we need.”

WesTel has provided communications services to rural communities in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska for more than a century. As a family owned regional CSP, WesTel provides triple play services to residential and business subscribers. The WesTel team takes pride in the services they deliver to their community. Thanks to the managed service from Calix, WesTel can be confident they are delivering the performance they promise to each of their subscribers.

“The Broadband Performance Testing Service, which is part of Calix Managed Services, provides our customers with the insights and knowledge they need to truly grasp the level of broadband performance they are delivering to their subscribers,” said Deb Sanders, VP of customer support and managed services for Calix. “WesTel has leveraged the Managed Services team’s vast experience in broadband performance evaluation and technical best practices throughout the testing process. We’re excited to support WesTel and position them for success—not only from a compliance perspective, but also in delivering the best possible services to their subscribers.”