CalChip Connect Picks ADTRAN to Address Enterprise IoT Market


ADTRAN®, Inc., the provider of innovative business and residential connectivity solutions has announced CalChip Connect, a premier IoT provider, is adding the latest line of ADTRAN LoRaWAN® IoT gateways to the CalChip Connect family of IoT solutions to address the growing enterprise IoT market.

ADTRAN provides CalChip Connect with business-class capabilities in reliability and customer support. These features enable CalChip Connect to support the booming demand for enterprise IoT applications that can increase productivity, reduce energy costs, support sustainability efforts and improve overall operations.

The global IoT market will be worth $1.1 trillion by 2024, according to data and analytics firm GlobalData, and enterprise IoT will continue to dominate the overall IoT market for the foreseeable future. CalChip Connect helps these enterprises create customized solutions and achieve the benefits of a powerful IoT strategy.

The ADTRAN micro-sized, indoor, 8-port LoRaWAN gateway was selected by CalChip Connect to address the specific requirements in enterprise IoT applications, like asset tracking, security and safety monitoring, contact tracing and thermostat controls. ADTRAN’s solution is also available on the AWS IoT Core, connecting it to a large IoT ecosystem.

“We’re dedicated to defining a new class of technology distribution and our partners play a critical role in meeting our high-quality standards,” said TJ Rancour, President at CalChip Connect. “Partnering with ADTRAN was an easy decision. ADTRAN’s IoT gateway is backed by the company’s decades of proven experience in providing business-class support and reliability. We know we are partnering with a recognized IoT vendor that continues to develop the right solutions to meet the growing needs of the IoT market.”

“The IoT market has skyrocketed,” said Keith Atwell, Head of Global Business Development at ADTRAN. “There are now endless IoT applications at home and enterprises are leveraging IoT for smart building and industrial applications to make everything more efficient and improve their bottom line. We are proud to partner with IoT solution providers, like CalChip Connect, to ensure businesses of all sizes can easily access the best solution packages for their IoT strategies,”

Leading the world in IoT device distribution and deployment, CalChip Connect is committed to connecting consumers and industries around the globe with the highest performing solutions and devices available on the market today.

For more than 40 years, the CalChip Connect team has been perfecting the art of warehousing and distributing thousands of products, bringing scalability and value add to the industry.