Butler Electric Cooperative taps RADWIN for 100Mbps Wireless Broadband in Rural Kansas

RADWIN, a global wireless broadband product solutions provider, has announced that Velocity – a division of the Butler Electric Cooperative, a Kansas-based rural utility company – has deployed RADWIN’s JET Point-to-Multipoint solutions in 5.8GHz and 5.1GHz to drive high-speed wireless broadband of up to 100Mbps to thousands of residential and business customers in rural Kansas.

To date, Velocity has deployed upwards of 320 JET PRO base stations and more than 2,500 subscriber units and will continue to scale as their network grows.

Dale Short, CEO of Velocity (the broadband division of the Butler Electric Cooperative) stated: “We sought to establish a broadband division to provide high speed internet to our electric membership and surrounding area. After a thorough feasibility study, we concluded that RADWIN’s JET PtMP fixed wireless access solutions were the best way forward. With Radwin JET radios we were able to build-out a large-scale network in mere months with lower costs and faster rollout times and can offer high-speed service packages from 25Mbps to 100Mpbs with no data cap restrictions, enabling customers to enjoy speeds they previously could only dream about. With JET, we’re connecting upwards of 150 customers a month, allowing us to rapidly address the huge demand for broadband.”

Reinhard Florin, RADWIN’s GM U.S. & Canada stated: “Service providers and electric cooperatives such as Butler looking to drive broadband to underserved remote communities are realizing that fixed wireless broadband is the best alternative for last-mile connectivity, because fiber is too expensive and slow to roll out in these rural areas. It’s important to remember that people living in rural communities have the same needs for education, connectivity and entertainment as people living anywhere else in the United States so we believe that by providing solutions that enable driving broadband to any point, be it the remotest farm or village, we’re helping bridge the digital gap.”