Braskem Selects CenturyLink SD-WAN Solution for Global Operations Network

Braskem, the largest thermoplastics producer in the Americas and a global producer of biopolymers, has selected CenturyLink SD-WAN Solution to connect over 50 Braskem offices in South America, North America, Europe and Asia.

This SD-WAN network includes over 130 redundant MPLSs that connect to private clouds through CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions Via a dedicated internet link. This will provide Braskem with a favorable user experience and an efficient and secure way to access applications and transfer business data.

“We focus on faster innovation, improve end-user experience, deepen processes and accelerate growth in digital businesses, ” said Andre Oliveira, senior infrastructure operations manager at Braskem. In addition, CenturyLink needed a trusted global vendor to plan and manage its network infrastructure, and CenturyLink’s SD-WAN solution enabled Braskem to leverage a variety of network resources, private cloud and on-premises, You have the flexibility to provide faster user access to the software. ”

CenturyLink provides Braskem with a software-defined wide-area network that can quickly deploy branch sites, save money on private and public networks, and provide optimized cloud connectivity and application-aware routing.

“We provide businesses with a secure, scalable, and cost-effective public and private network connection over a wide range of connection types, “said Louis Ramos, Global Account Management Director of CenturyLink, Latin America. And CenturyLink’s SD-WAN solution helps companies like Braskem to drive network performance, simplify network operations, and drive business growth with greater visibility and control. It’s the best for you. ”

To support this complex structure, Braskem also uses the CenturyLink Network Management Service. It supports continuous and careful monitoring with proactive and preventive actions, as well as data extraction, integration of analysis, reporting, and providing recommendations for improvement.

CenturyLink SD-WAN offers Braskem the ability to create a secure private network in a mixed public and private infrastructure with site-to-site encryption regardless of the access and transport technology used. The solution provides centralized management and control, controls traffic on a per-application or per-access type basis, and allows connections to different sites on different backbone connections.

The CenturyLink SD-WAN solution with hybrid connectivity is flexible enough to meet Braskem’s needs, responds to instantaneous notifications, and evolves to help Braskem’s digital business grow.

Features of CenturyLink SD-WAN

• CenturyLink offers a comprehensive and flexible SD-WAN solution portfolio, including Versa Networks, Cisco Meraki and Cisco Viptela technologies.
• CenturyLink offers flexible pricing and packaging with the ability to sell and provide SD-WAN Over-the Top (OTT) bundled with CenturyLink transport, including MPLS / IP VPN, broadband, dedicated internet, LTE, Seamlessly integrates many underlying connection options, including Ethernet.
• CenturyLink provides network and SD-WAN consulting resources to reduce the burden of SD-WAN adoption and transformation and help organizations standardize, modernize and optimize their networks.
• CenturyLink was named the Global SD-WAN Service Provider of the Year by the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) twice in three years, and received this award in the North American category this year.

CenturyLink Cloud Connect solutions provide:

• Foreseeable and reliable performance: The enterprise can maintain control of the application’s end-to-end performance when moving the application to the public cloud.
• Simplified security: When choosing a private connection, migrated and optimized applications to the cloud fit within trusted perimeters.
• Global connectivity: If an enterprise needs to drive mission-critical applications, it can connect offices around the world to local cloud and data center resources.
• Multi-cloud approach: Enterprises can use Cloud Connect with multiple cloud service providers (CSPs) to support a multi-cloud approach.
• Collaboration: CenturyLink is working with CSP on developing connectivity options. For example, CenturyLink is an Advanced Consulting Partner on the AWS Partner Network (APN).