Bandwidth Taps Ribbon to Increase Network Capacity on AWS for Enterprise

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Ribbon Communications Inc., has partnered with Bandwidth Inc., a software company focused on communications for the enterprise, to rapidly expand network capacity for Bandwidth’s customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Bandwidth team needed to quickly address changing demands on network capacity due to March’s COVID-19 induced stay-at-home orders and subsequent rapid rise in the number of people working from home. Bandwidth was able to leverage Ribbon’s market-leading Session Border Controller Software Edition (SWe) for expanded network capacity via AWS.

“We worked with the Ribbon team to rapidly deploy their SBC SWe and were able to easily accommodate the rapid spike in demand from our customers,” said Scott Mullen, Chief Technology Officer at Bandwidth. “Our customers are some of the most recognized brands in the world and they have come to expect world-class support from Bandwidth. We are extremely proud of the fact that we could collaborate with Ribbon to leverage their cloud-based SBC technology to quickly and seamlessly meet the immediate high demand for increased network capacity.”

“This swift deployment of our cloud-ready SBC SWe on AWS by our longtime partner Bandwidth is a great example of how we work closely with our customers to meet their end-customers’ rapidly changing needs,” said Kevin Riley, Chief Technology Officer at Ribbon. “Bandwidth is a leader when it comes to offering their customers innovative solutions and services. We are delighted that Bandwidth leveraged our SBC SWe to rapidly scale capacity and deliver secure advanced cloud-based communications services that allowed their customers to switch to working from home instead of the office without disruptions to their network.”

Ribbon’s SBC SWe is a powerful virtual solution that can scale up to 150,000 sessions via simple software licenses, allowing operational teams to expand capacity in hours, not days or months.

The SBC SWe’s massive scale includes fully enabled security, media and transcoding features that empower large enterprises to easily accommodate dynamic customer growth, resulting in faster time-to-market and reduced operational expenses.

The solution can be deployed on any virtual or cloud (private or public) environment without compromising features, scale and performance – with no truck roll.