Backup Files to OneDrive Automatically


Why OneDrive is so popular?

Microsoft OneDrive is designed for users to share and sync files and folders since 2007. it’s built in Windows 10 and Windows 11, and macOS, Android, iOS, and other devices so that many users would like to backup files to OneDrive. And it provides you different ways to sync files easily. However, for some new users, if you don’t know how to backup files to OneDrive, we will show you the detailed steps about different solutions, just keep reading.

Although OneDrive only provides you only 5 GB free cloud storage space to store files, you could upgrade your OneDrive account to advanced plans like OneDrive Standalone or Microsoft 365 Personal. After upgrading your OneDrive cloud storage, you can now backup files to OneDrive to use OneDrive for a backup solution. Of course, you could try the free backup software to protect your files locally.

How to Backup Files and Folder to OneDrive Easily

First of all, the first thing you might backup files to OneDrive is using upload features in website. And it needs you to manually upload files and folders, it’s quite complex for most of us especially when there is a lot of files and folders to upload. [Not Recommended]

As you know, OneDrive offers the client applications for Windows computers, and iOS devices and other storage devices. Therefore, you could use the OneDrive mobile app or OneDrive desktop app to manually sync files to OneDrive, and it’s just like the same with the upload on OneDrive website. Thus, it’s not recommended to try as well.

Today, we will show you the best free way to backup files to OneDrive automatically, that’s the free cloud backup service – CBackup. CBackup offers you the desktop app for you to backup local computer files to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. And you could move files among any two of them. Besides, you could enjoy the following useful features to make backup efficient:

  • Scheduler allows you backup files to OneDrive every day, every week, or every month, and you could also backup computer files to OneDrive at the specific time as you set up.
  • Email Notification: It will send you email about the backup progress once you set it up.
  • File Filter allows you backup the file types as you like by including the file types you specified, and excluding the file types you don’t want to backup.

Now, let get started to backup files to OneDrive automatically.

Complete Guide to Backup Computer Files to OneDrive Automatically

If you want to backup files to OneDrive, please add OneDrive to CBackup, then perform OneDrive automatic backup.

Step 1. Add OneDrive to CBackup

  1. Please download CBackup desktop app, and create a new CBackup account and log in.
  2. Now you could select My Storage tab, and then select + Add Cloud button, choose OneDrive and click Add, then follow the guide to allow CBackup access your OneDrive files.
  3. Back to CBackup desktop app, then modify the Display Name and Storage path for OneDrive on CBackup, and opt for the Note option, and click OK.

Now your OneDrive account has been added successfully to CBackup.

Step 2. Backup Files to OneDrive Automatically

  1. Please click Backup Tasks section on the left side, then choose New Task button, and tap Local Files and Next to create a PC to cloud backup task.
  2. Customize the Task Name, then click Add Source button to pitch on the files and folders on your computer, and click Add Destination>Single Cloud>Next>OneDrive>OK to choose OneDrive as the target.
  3. (Optional) Press Settings on bottom left, then tap Scheduler>Set a backup schedule for an automated backup, then choose One time only, Daily, Weekly, even Monthly as you like, and click OK.
  4. Press click the Start Backup button to backup files to OneDrive automatically and easily.

Besides, CBackup allows you to merge multiple OneDrive accounts to get more free cloud storage space beyond 5GB for backing up.

The End

Until now, you have mastered how to backup files to OneDrive automatically using the best free way, compared with other ways, it’s easy and effective, especially for those who is using the CBackup for the first time.