Aviz Unveils Advanced Mobile 5G Service Nodes

Aviz Networks

In a strategic enhancement of its packet broker offerings, Aviz Networks has announced the introduction of sophisticated service nodes designed specifically for applications and 5G GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) use cases, marking a significant advancement to drive the utilization of AI-driven insights within the telecom industry.

This initiative not only reaffirms Aviz’s commitment to delivering versatile, open data and networking solutions, it also enriches the recently launched Aviz Network Copilot with deeper, more precise data analytics capabilities.


Global and regional telecom carriers seek to deliver more personalized 5G services for better user experiences and to introduce rich new mobile services. That’s why Aviz is integrating advanced service nodes into its comprehensive network visibility portfolio, while setting a new benchmark for telco 5G deployment support. Avizy allows for the most flexible deployments alongside the Aviz Open Packet Broker (OPB) or with any third-party packet broker system, emphasizing its adaptability and open design. These service nodes unlock valuable granular data on 5G and attendant applications, enabling both telecom and data center customers to harness AI with unprecedented efficiency.

Today, both carrier and data centers can deploy the Aviz Network Copilot driven AI systems or can choose to integrate with their own AI applications to harness the data generated by these service nodes. The result is a substantial enhancement in operational intelligence and increased network efficiency.

Vishal Shukla, CEO of Aviz Networks, highlights the significance of this launch, “Our expansion into advanced 5G service nodes is a natural next step in the evolution of the Aviz Networking 3.0 vision, leveraging a combination of open and adaptable solutions that are at the forefront of data-centric network management and AI integration. We empower our customers with the best tools for smarter, more efficient network operations, while setting a higher standard for the industry.”

Enhanced Capabilities: Aviz’s 5G Service Nodes Elevate Its Packet Broker Offering

Application Identification: Enables telcos to identify traffic by specific application to capture and analyze from GTP-U Traffic at wirespeed.

Telco Traffic KPIs: Reports subscriber and application specific analytics on various dimensions such as Throughput/Bandwidth, Latency for C-Plane & U-Plane, Packet Loss, Latency & Packet loss for voice traffic.

GTP User Correlation: Provides correlation analysis for LTE and 5G-NSA, utilizing protocols such as S11, S1-U and 5G-C correlation using N4, N11 and N3 enabling carriers to intelligently monitor subscriber data.

GTP Load Balancing: Measures and monitors network demand, allowing for capacity tuning and dynamic adjustments to capacity planning.

Subscriber Aware Metadata: Provides data regarding IMSI, IMEI, ULI-Cell location and bearer IDs.

This launch is another milestone in the evolution of network management for 5G applications, empowering customers to seamlessly and cost-effectively incorporate Generative AI into their operations.

Aviz Networks champions the next generation of networking with its Networking 3.0 stack, a data-centric, vendor-agnostic framework that embraces multiple ASICs, switches, NOS, clouds, LLMs, and AI and security applications. Designed to integrate with existing networks seamlessly, Aviz’s solutions empower users to navigate the multi-vendor ecosystem without constraints, emphasizing choice, control, and cost-effectiveness.

Launched in 2021 and supported by industry leaders including Moment Ventures, Accton, Cisco Investments, Wistron, and notable angel investors, Aviz Networks is dedicated to advancing open, cloud, and AI-first networking infrastructures.