Austria’s LIWEST Evolves IPTV Security with Verimatrix and Ocilion

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Verimatrix, a global provider of security and business intelligence solutions that protect content, devices, applications and communications, has announced that LIWEST Kabelmedien has deployed Ocilion’s IPTV solutions integrated with Verimatrix security to enable more flexible and future-proof video delivery models.

LIWEST joins kabelplus and Salzburg AG as the third Austrian operator to leverage the combined strengths of the partner companies in recent months.

Facing a rise in streaming, LIWEST modernized its IPTV technology to stay at the forefront of a highly competitive market. The operator selected Ocilion and Verimatrix, recognizing how the partnership would essentially provide a flexible, one-stop shop solution. In addition to supporting set-top box (STB), tablet and smartphone delivery, the deployment marks a milestone for Ocilion in enabling Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV streaming.

“As Austrian subscriber behaviors shift away from traditional live TV consumption, it has become evident that we need a future-proof IPTV solution to meet the needs of our customers and potential customers,” said Philipp-Thomas Müller, Team Leader of Product Management and Corporate Communication at LIWEST. “Ocilion and Verimatrix presented a one-stop shop solution we could not refuse with the streaming capabilities, on-premise infrastructure and future-proof security we need to stay competitive in today’s modern landscape.”

The on-premise deployment uses Ocilion’s new homogenous P400 family of 4K STBs, which offers the flexibility needed to support hybrid, FTTH and OTT delivery models with integrated Verimatrix client support for digital rights management (DRM.). The line of STBs has received the Verimatrix 4.0 Ultra Security certification, underscoring its readiness to fully meet UHD security requirements set by MovieLabs’ Specifications for Next Generation Video and Enhanced Content Protection.

“The purpose of our partnership with Ocilion is to ensure seamless technology integration, ease of operation and extended value for our customers, and our collaborative efforts continue to excel on all fronts,” commented Verimatrix COO Steve Oetegenn. “Despite a challenging deployment timeline and integration with existing infrastructure, Verimatrix and Ocilion were able to bring out the best in one another to develop a solution that will support LIWEST for the long haul.”

Hans Kühberger, CEO of Ocilion. “I am proud that with LIWEST, a truly innovative carrier, has chosen our IPTV solution and Verimatrix for resolving complex video security requirements. Users are truly at the center of the new LIWEST IPTV product Läuft, being able to choose whether to watch their favorite programs live or time-shifted on their TV via the new 4K set-top box, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick.”

Verimatrix is illustrating how it is leveraging its depth of experience in IP- and software-based security to protect and monetize next-generation services at IBC Show.