AsiaInfo engaged in BSS transformation project for ‘Hello Nepal’


AsiaInfo, a telecoms IT supplier,  is engaged in a Business Support Systems (BSS) transformation contract with Nepal Satellite Telecom Pvt. Limited (NSTPL). NSPTL owns the ‘Hello Nepal’ mobile service brand and became the country’s third mobile operator in 2009.

Work is already underway on the project, which covers the integration of AsiaInfo’s Veris BSS Product Suite, including the Veris Billing Online Charging System (OCS), Voucher Management System (VOMS) for mobile phone top-up and payments, Settlement and Interconnect, and the Veris Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

NSPTL confirmed that as the ‘Hello Nepal’ service was extended across the country and into the major cities, it was essential to have business support systems that could support the expansion and enable the operator to launch and supply new and innovative services for its customers. A spokesman for the operator described AsiaInfo as a key partner for what it expects to be a period of explosive growth.”

The ‘Hello Nepal’ service had around 150,000 subscribers before the migration to the new BSS began, and AsiaInfo’s solutions and systems have enabled this number to increase to 300,000 in just four months.

Michael Wu, CFO and Head of International Business at AsiaInfo said: “This is a very exciting time to be an operator in Nepal, and we are delighted to be providing the power behind the ‘Hello Nepal’ service and to be helping NSTPL bring the benefits of innovation to their subscribers. The increase in subscribers in such a short time shows the immediate impact of our Veris products.”

Proven with some of the world’s largest operators, Veris Billing is a fully convergent telecom billing and charging system. Its greatest strength lies in its innovative real-time capabilities which enable pre-paid and post-paid subscribers to be served by a single telecom billing system, and provide great flexibility in pricing and marketing offers without creating IT complexity.

The Real-time Self Service (RTSS) that is bundled with Veris Billing, enables customers to take control of their account through a fully customizable web interface or mobile app. Customers can transfer minutes or data allowances to family and friends, select their price plan and even opt for higher data rates to enhance a particular service. All these capabilities combine to deliver a superior experience for the customer, and can translate into additional revenue for the operator.

Veris CRM is an innovative solution which overcomes the shortcomings of generic systems by proactively delivering actionable customer insights and enabling relationship building initiatives at key moments across all customer interaction channels.

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