Apple Vs OnePlus: Full comparison between mobile brands

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Smartphones are high on our priority charts. We cannot imagine not owning one at this point in the world. It fuels brands to launch newer models over time to stand out as the best mobile phone brand. Two popular brands in this battle are Apple and OnePlus. Picking the right one amongst these two popular brands can often pose to be a challenge. 

Thus, we stand here as your guide to buying a budget smartphone that provides you with the latest features and updates. Read ahead for a detailed comparison between Apple Vs OnePlus.

Who has a better screen?

Smartphones nowadays have boastful touchscreens. Apple and OnePlus are no less. They provide their users with impressive design and rich display. The only difference between the two brands’ screen is one uses OLED and the other, AMOLED. One should note that the AMOLED display is more flexible than the OLED display. The quality is much better as AMOLEDs have an extra layer of TFTs. It also follows backplane technologies. But with all this improvement, AMOLED screen phones cost more too.

Apple’s recent iPhone 12 is an upgrade from the old LCD screen to an OLED screen. The resolution is 1170×2532 with 460 pixels per inch. However, OnePlus wins this round with its latest 8 Pro model. The OnePlus 8 Pro comes with a resolution of 3168 x 1440 and a fluid AMOLED panel.

Who has a better camera?

Cameras are the life of smartphones. Don’t you think? The innovation of a mobile phone consisting of a camera has made life simpler. It has also allowed so many people to explore photography as a talent. Thus, when it comes to having a good camera in a smartphone, there must be no compromise. Both Apple and OnePlus offer impeccable picture quality. However, certain additional feature distinguishes one from the other.

The recent launch by OnePlus is the 8 Pro model which is its best by far. The camera has a 48MP main camera, a 48MP wide-angle camera, an 8MP telephoto, and a 5MP photo chromatic color filter. When put together, clicking pictures and shooting videos using an OnePlus 8 Pro looks like a professional’s work. It also comes with an UltraShot HDR, which is a tough competition for Apple’s iPhones’ famous “Live Photos”.

Apple on the other hand offers a faster lens correction with its new iPhone 12. All the other features remain the same. Thus, making it ideal for low light photography.

Who performs better?

Apple devices have a name in the world for being one of the fastest gadgets. Apple’s A14 bionic processor is what gives its devices smooth iOS functioning. The latest iPhone 12 by Apple even supports 5G. Thus, everything that requires the internet can be done at ultra-fast speed.

OnePlus is a brand that has made the android experience faster and smoother and that is one huge point to take into consideration. Moreover, OnePlus’ latest 8 Pro model features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 system on a chip, 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM, an Adreno 650 GPU, and 256GB of UFS3.0 internal storage space. Due to this, everything is possible on an OnePlus be it GPU-heavy gaming or endless streaming and downloading of YouTube videos. It is the faster processor in the history of the android handset world.

Who offers better battery life?

iPhones’ weak point has always been battery life. With such speed and extensive camera, it is disheartening how Apple cannot meet everyone’s battery life demands. However, it is trying to evolve. The latest iPhone 12 is a little better with battery life when compared to the previous iPhone models. However, it is not all we expected. If you are a camera person or mobile gamer, be sure to lose your battery’s longevity with Apple.

OnePlus is a tough competition when it comes to this. With every model update, the OnePlus strives to better its battery life. The OnePlus 7 offered a 4,000 mAh battery and the 8 Pro offers better with a 4,510 mAh unit. The battery life is enough to last you through a full day’s work with a one-time charge. Even if you are someone who uses graphics-intensive apps, OnePlus has you covered in terms of battery life. 

Which is a better budget buy?

You can draw a line of similarity when it comes to both Apple and OnePlus latest models. However, if you take an overall look at the market, it is quite visible how OnePlus’ prices are going to keep increasing. Being late in the game, it only makes sense that OnePlus is increasing its rate to become the top-manufacturer in the smartphone market.

However, Apple is a better marketer when it comes to electronics. Apple’s iPhone SE is the perfect example. It is inexpensive and features the details and functioning of the iPhone 8. The iPhone SE is too good in its price range and OnePlus cannot come close to beating it. Apple’s range is a better budget buy than OnePlus’. 


There are major things to consider before buying a new smartphone. Things like battery life, screen, display quality, camera, memory, processing performance matters a lot. Thus, you must list what you need the most from your phone and what features work as a bonus and not priorities. 

OnePlus and Apple both represent the best smartphone brand in the market. They offer a myriad of in-built features and rich performance. They are of exceptional quality and if you pick either you can assure yourself that you own the best beast.