Amdocs Unveils ‘AmdocsONE’ to Accelerate Digital Transformation for CSPs, Media Industries

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At the Mobile World Congress 2018, Amdocs, a global provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has launched  AmdocsONE, an enabler of business-led DevOps deployments of cloud-native and microservices capabilities.

The new solution set leverages industry-specific best practices and methodologies from serving over 350 customers worldwide to give service providers of all sizes the business agility to successfully navigate the continuous digital transformation process.

“AmdocsONE is a new way of doing business, a new speed of innovation, running on new technologies and practices,” said Gary Miles, chief marketing officer at Amdocs. “AmdocsONE is designed to meet the challenges of our customers who are transforming into digital service providers within the framework of a hybrid IT environment, which requires them to rapidly introduce new cloud-native applications while still operating legacy systems. With AmdocsONE’s modular structure, our customers now have the flexibility to choose compelling business offerings and realize value fast.”

As opposed to the software implementation and upgrade projects typically performed today, which are both time and cost-intensive, AmdocsONE’s low-risk approach delivers a series of short, business-defined projects with predictable cost and scope, delivering superior business value.

Being open and modular, AmdocsONE provides service providers with the flexibility to choose which modules they want, when they want to introduce them, with Amdocs building the bridge between these new modules and their legacy systems.

Furthermore, AmdocsONE microservices-based architecture enables the rapid deployment of complex applications as suites of independently deployable services that can be frequently upgraded. In addition, AmdocsONE targets zero-touch operations through continuous enhancements via DevOps and machine learning driven business process automation.

As a result, service providers are freed to focus on business needs, such as launching new services and enhancements in shorter intervals, increasing monetization and delivering a superior customer experience.

Amdocs and Amazon Announce Web Services Strategic Program: This strategic program with Amazon Web Services will offer AmdocsONE on the cloud to accelerate service providers’ journey to cloud-native solutions and operations.

Amdocs Launches Autonomous Service Assurance solution: This first-of-its-kind solution accelerates the service provider journey to fully autonomous network operations via a proactive, highly automated service-centric approach that reduces costs and resolves errors faster.

Amdocs Launches CatalogONE: An open, cloud native catalog solution that enables service providers to launch new services in minutes. It provides the business executives and marketers with a simple user interface, analytics dashboard, collaborative processes, and embedded intelligence to rapidly define, create, implement, test, launch, manage, and analyze new offers, services and promotions.

Amdocs Launches atomIQ: This underlying platform injects intelligent automation to bridge legacy and digital operations, thereby enabling business agility in a Hybrid IT environment. This allows service providers to establish a DevOps-based operational environment, with a consolidated, real-time, end-to-end operational view of their business.