Airspan, Altiostar Partner to Commercialize 4G, 5G Open Virtualized RAN

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Airspan Networks and Altiostar Networks have announced a partnership for accelerating the commercialization of Open RAN 4G and 5G platforms.

This partnership will combine the proven expertise of Airspan to deploy compact and intelligent form factors for radio solutions at scale with Altiostar’s proven expertise next generation virtualized RAN (vRAN) solutions.

The partnership is born out of real-world field experience and successful integration of thousands of sites in the world’s first commercial Open cloud-scale web-based virtualized RAN network in Japan.

Together the companies will enable network operators all over the world to take advantage of fully virtualized cloud native network architectures utilizing Altiostar’s Open vRAN solution with Airspan‘s OpenRANGE platform. Open RAN architectures completely change the status quo for mobile network economics by reducing CapEx and OpEx costs up to 40%, according to a 2019 study conducted by Strategy Analytics.

The multi-vendor open architecture value proposition of a fully cloud native virtualized network will allow operators to select partners like Airspan and Altiostar that specialize in the bleeding edge of their respective fields at a level of granularity that was never before possible with one-stop-shop traditional RAN vendors.

By creating this level of focus and removing vendor lock-in, Airspan and Altiostar are driving a paradigm shift in network features, innovation and economics that will translate to improved user experience at lower cost.

“Airspan has a proven ability to disrupt deployment strategies. Open RAN disaggregated network architectures for mobile networks provides us another opportunity to innovate the way networks are deployed and we are proud to partner with another visionary US company and disrupt monolithic large vendor lock-in.” said Henrik Smith-Petersen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Airspan Networks.

“We are excited to bring our field-proven collaboration with a US innovator like Airspan to solve 4G and 5G network challenges through the introduction of cloud-scale into mobile networks, enhanced network intelligence and simplified network automation for rollouts for service providers. Together with Airspan, we are helping service providers reach their 4G and 5G deployment goals.” said Thierry Maupile, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Product Management for Altiostar.