Aditya Infotech Secures PRTC Buses with CP Plus Mobile Surveillance


Keeping in mind a need to provide better surveillance capabilities inside the bus environment, Pondicherry Road Transport Corporation (PRTC) has deployed Germany based CP Plus, Mobile Surveillance Solution in association with Aditya Infotech. 

This surveillance solution consists of 4 channel Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) integrated control panel unit along with 4 number of ultra-powerful IR cameras.


Located at the driver’s cabin, MDVR withstands severe shock and vibration conditions with its special anti-vibration design and provides a reliable recording performance. Featuring 4.5 inches monitor in the unit, driver can view live images of the inside vehicle while driving.

The control unit also has intercom by which vehicle and control room can communicate anytime. In the emergency situation, the in-built alarm can send alert to the control room for any immediate help.

Considering such challenges, security experts at CP PLUS TeknoLogix Lab developed the Mobile Surveillance Solution for public transportation to deter crimes and identify security threats, aiming to create safe environment for the passengers.

The control room for this solution has been set up at the PRTC depot where a system administrator has been trained for operating the Central Management System software (CMS).

At the control room, the system administrator can view the real-time recording via CMS. The GPS feature in this solution helps in tracking vehicle route, observing when the bus was at a particular pick up point and location verification on Google Virtual Map.

In addition, the Bus’s location, temperature, speed, alarm information can be stored on the hard disk and able to be playback by software. Through 3G network connection, this footage can be transmitted back to the Control room for a live-tracking.

The solution consist 4 IR cameras which are vandal-resistant delivering clear, crisp images under virtually any lighting conditions. The cameras have been installed in the PRTC buses, aiming to capture every aspect and to monitor behavior of driver, passengers and conductor.

The entire solution has been designed and implemented in a way to fulfill requirement of complete security and safety of the commuters in a public transport.

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