Accelleran, RED Technologies Test 5G Shared Access Interoperability

RED Technologies

Accelleran and RED Technologies successfully performed Shared Access Spectrum interoperability testing between the cloud native Accelleran SAS client microservice part of Accelleran dRAX™ RIC platform and RED Technologies Spectrum Access System (SAS) in the cloud, enabling 4G / 5G devices to seamlessly operate on shared spectrum.

Users / operators owning a local license or a lease are entitled to protection from interferences over the entire area of operation. The SAS guarantees at all times that this protection is enforced, using accurate radio propagation algorithms to determine the allowed transmission power for each registered device.


Prior to using shared spectrum, devices first register to the SAS and request a grant to obtain the authorization to transmit.

In the context of 5G-RECORDS, the transmission power is determined upon license or lease creation, hence ensuring a guaranteed coverage area and quality of service for the entire duration of the local license / lease.

Christophe Le Thierry, Senior R&D Manager at RED Technologies says: “This makes shared spectrum suitable for professional usages, including for Live Audio Production. This feature will also be leveraged on the 3.5 GHz CBRS band to enable 4G/ 5G operation within leases submitted to the FCC, across the entire US territory.”

Antonio Garcia, Product Management Director at Accelleran says: “We are glad we validated interoperability of our SAS client running as a cloud native microservice in dRAX™ on a fully disaggregated 5G Open RAN setup, with RED Technologies SAS server also running in the cloud. This interoperability builds on top of our previous SAS interoperability tests done with other SAS servers in 4G and aligns well with one of our recent announcements during MWC-22 in Barcelona regarding the availability of Accelleran 5G Open RAN solutions for the US CBRS market.”

Accelleran provides Open and Containerised RAN Software solutions that support an economically viable alternative to the traditional mobile telecom approach. Accelleran’s unique software architecture unlocks the true potential of software-defined networks and network virtualisation to better serve Private, Public and Neutral Host networks.

Founded in 2012, RED Technologies is a provider of dynamic spectrum sharing technologies and services, offering scalable CBRS, TVWS and 6GHz AFC solutions for operators of all sizes and sectors.