5G, AR and Gaming Taking Centerstage at MWC19 Shanghai

5G Innovation

MWC19 Shanghai, Asia’s largest event for the mobile industry, is taking place this week, with conferences, exhibits and events all aiming to tackle the most important industry issues.

From 5G monetisation, to the future of gaming and augmented reality, Zoran Vasiljev, CEO of Apigate, shares his predictions on some of the key trends that will dominate the show.

High-end content marketing will soon dominate

Soon, marketers and advertisers will reach and attract high-potential customers through data-rich, immersive media and compelling call-to-actions, powered by 5G connectivity.

Surfaces will become interactive marketing mediums: in-store walls, shop windows and car dashboards will feature 2D overlays or 3D holograms, recommending products or services to potential customers.

Direct carrier billing will grow in popularity

Direct carrier billing offers an alternative means of making purchases, by charging products and services (bought via smartphone) to the subscriber’s monthly mobile phone bill.

Not only are there five times more mobile phones than credit cards, but mobile checkout processes are simpler and more secure as no personal data is transmitted.

Augmented realities and virtual worlds will overlap

Greater internet bandwidth will allow developers to merge images of the real world with artificially generated visuals of virtual worlds to deliver gaming experiences like never before. Ericsson’s AR gaming report found that nearly four out of ten gamers believe that AR gaming will be made more interesting with more immersive games.

Augmented reality will also transform business practices across a wide range of sectors, from tourism, to manufacturing, retail and healthcare. And the only way this will become a reality, is with 5G connectivity which will be critical for building business confidence in AR, and delivering the necessary low-latency to eradicate lag and consequent faults.

In-game advertising and in-game sales will peak

As 5G is used by computer game developers to improve the features and capabilities of their games, revenue managers within these companies will look to innovate and attract in-game sponsors.

Games will feature real world brands, and allow players to enjoy the action of the game while also making product purchases such as clothing and food, and have items delivered to their doorstep without leaving their home, or the game!

5G monetisation will require partnerships

The roll-out of 5G has begun across the globe, with operators looking to gain a leadership position in the commercialisation of the new standard. However, the key to success will be the identification of new lines of business that will enable operators to remain profitable and continue their network expansion.

The opportunity for telcos to diversify into new lines of business is huge: 5G is the catalyst for a huge range of new consumer and enterprise services, from media and entertainment to the industrial IoT and smart cities. At MWC19 Shanghai, the industry will be looking for the technology and parentships to create new revenue channels from 5G.