5 Prophecies of Cyber Security for 2019 that Might Just Come True


Last year was pretty eventful as far as cyber security is concerned. Major corporations were hit by cyber attackers and reputed firms such as Facebook, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Adidas, Cathay Pacific, Marriott, Macy’s, Kmart, Under Armour and others were faced with the PR nightmare of declaring data breaches.  

These were just some of the major attacks on corporations in 2018. Countless other cyber attack incidents happened all across the globe.

State-sponsored acts of cyber attacks have also increased as governments try to steal data and attack the infrastructure of rival nations. As the new year begins, cyber security firms are not only busy convincing governments and organization about the growing risks but they are also preparing themselves to combat the newer threats. Following are 5 cyber security prophecies that might come true before this year ends.

A Full-On Cyber War Between Nations

Right now China, Russia, and the United States are engaged in a secret skirmish of the digital kind. They are testing each others defence and attack capabilities by launching infrastructure attacks and data breaches. However, this can very well lead to full-on cyber war.

Artificial Intelligence Might Be Used for Evil

Right now there is little to no utilization of AI in cyber security. Some cyber security experts believe that systems that use AI might be targeted by criminals to morph their decision making algorithm.

This may result in AI systems to generate “freaky” results as opposed to logical ones. Attackers may also use artificial intelligence to spot network vulnerabilities.

Enterprises Increasing Their Cyber Security Capabilities

The threat of cyber attacks has been made abundantly clear to large corporations. Attackers have successfully breached the defences of tech behemoths such as Facebook and Sony, which goes to show the importance of investing in dependable cyber security technologies.

More CEOs and directors are going to make it their top priority to bring up cyber threat in board meetings. The attendance of company executives in every single major international cyber security conference is also likely to increase.

Increased Circulation of Fake Videos to Spark Panic

Misinformation campaigns by spreading AI-created fake videos will be on the rise. These videos might be used by attackers to derail political opponents and sever diplomatic relations. Deep Fake, an AI application already has the capability to make fake videos of individuals that look dangerously real. As technologies improve these videos are going to become even more realistic.

Increase in the Number of Malware to Attack Android and iOS Devices

Up until now, PCs were the primary targets of malwares and viruses. The closed ecosystems of Google Play and iTunes made it difficult for attackers to push apps with malware. Experts suggest that attackers may be able to bypass the defences of these marketplaces in 2019.